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  1. Never mind - found the answer (none) Hi - I'm not happy with the way the stock grovers look on my 2013 ES 335 - I'm looking to replace these with pearloid Keystone nickel types. I would appreciate it if someone could recommend a particular product - thanks.
  2. That is a genuine Gibson or the best fake I've ever seen. My 2014 has the same pickup angle as do many others - it's not an issue. Great looking guitar.
  3. Beautiful guitar. +1 on trying some Nut Sauce. It has helped solve problems for me on my Gibsons. They all seem to have the same issue due to the headstock angle.
  4. That guitar looks great in that color.
  5. Just to follow up on the tuners, I installed a set of Grover 502C locking turners. Drop in replacement and the 18:1 gears made quite a difference from the stock 14:1. I had some tuning issues on the stock tuners, but now the same set of strings are rock solid steady.
  6. Hello. Been playing off and on for about 45 years. Many (too many) guitars - latest is a 2014 figured cherry ES-335.

  7. Hey Joe - thanks. Did you go with the Grover 102:18 series? I took a look at the locking 602C - but the post are way too tall. I called Gibson and asked which model Grover they put on the 2015 - but all they could say was 'The Gibson Grovers' - ???
  8. I'm new to playing ES-335's. I've played Les Pauls for many years then became a Tele guy for the past five. I've found that using the amp settings I used for the Tele suited the 335 much better than the amp settings I used for the Les Paul.
  9. Birthday gift from my wife. I've always wanted a 335. Got a great deal on NOS 2014 - which was the model I wanted. Classic 57's and 'dot' neck. Saved about $1,200. The tuners may get upgraded to an 18:1 Grovers instead of the 14:1 that come with it. Everything else is perfect. Tough guitar to photograph due to the finish.
  10. Anyone looking for an inexpensive case for their 50's Tribute, Musicians Friend has a very decent Les Paul case on sale for $39 - it fit mine perfectly. LP Case
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