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  1. The guitar is well set up. I've tried several different string brands, types and gauges. Currently, back to Gibson Masterbuilt Premium. May try the suggested D'Addarios. Also thinking of Martin Retros. Something will surely make her sing.
  2. Curious which strings folks like on their AJ Standard. Had my AJ for 3 years and still searching.
  3. I've tried several different brands and gauges. I finally settled on Ernie Ball 2158s. They're coated, but the best coated I've used. Takes a day or so for them to settle in, so if you try them don't panic if they don't sound good initially. The 2158s are .11-.52. I use them on the J45, J50 and Sheryl Crow Signature Model.
  4. I fell in love with mine the first time I picked it up in the store. It has a very distinct midrange and clear voice.
  5. That is sweet. Been contemplating buying one. Congratulations, and I hope she treats you well for a long time.
  6. Welcome to the Gibson acoustic world. No other sound like it!
  7. I've been coveting an AJ for some time. Already have a J45 with rosewood back and sides. Has anyone here compared the two?
  8. I love mine. It's a great sounding guitar, and very playable.
  9. I've been using .12s on my J45. Tried a couple different brands, and ended up with Gibson Masterbuilts. Has anyone tried .13s, and had a positive result?
  10. Thanks for the inputs. I put on a set of medium phosphor bronze and that seems to have solved the issue. Right now she's playing and sounding great.
  11. Received my new EJ-200 Artist last week. It's gorgeous, but there's a problem. Serious buzz at first fret. Each and every string when depressed at first fret buzzes. Doesn't occur at any other fret. In fact, if I only wanted to play the guitar from the second fret up, it would be great. Anyone else, encounter this, and if so, any recommended remedies short of sending it back?
  12. cwheat


    Bought mine over a year ago, and like it. Plan on changing strings a few times until you find some that suit the type of sound you want from EL. I also changed out the bridge pins. This little guitar definitely gives me more than my money's worth.
  13. I use Elixir Nano Lights on mine, and they work fine.
  14. Tried one of these at a GC recently and was pleasantly surprised at the playability and sound. Does anyone here own one? Opinions please.
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