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  1. Hi Larry thanks for the reply, I have played Florentine's myself before and love them, I should have made my question clearer though I was more interested in what particular finish is this guitar and was it a one off or a run they did?
  2. Hey guys, I was doing some internet browsing this morning and stumbled across this beauty that made my jaw hit the floor, now i am GASing hard. Does anybody know anything about this guitar? any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  3. LPC666

    Cables ??

    lava cables are very good, Monster also make some very good high end cables.
  4. If you dont have your heart set on a thru neck have you considered warmoth? they make some good bodies and neck to order. alternatively I would keep trawling ebay till you find something suitable pops up.
  5. ..Or does a single pickup Les Paul Custom do something funny to your insides? Most beautiful guitar ever? Its a definite contender. http://wildwoodguitars.com/electrics/gibson/custom/cs001540/cs001540.php
  6. LPC666

    Is this a fake?

    Im no expert but I would walk away, like someone already said, i can see a good 5 or 6 things there that indicate it being a Chinese copy. My general rule of thumb is, if the deal seems to good to be true, it probably is.
  7. Sell The ESP'S and get Both? you wont regret it.
  8. very ineresting refin, i love the way the back and sides are left natural. a black custom done like this would be ideal
  9. Love the paul, the finish looks amazing congrats
  10. In My Opinion, the Best there was and the best there will be. Gonna remember him in my own way today and crank up Blizzard and jam it out all day. RIP Randy you are sorely missed.
  11. I had the same problem and i gave the back of the neck a rubbing with some steel wool and that did the trick.
  12. Hey, i have a White Les Paul custom, although this guitar is not my first Les Paul, it is the first one i will be keeping long enough to enjoy the effects of natural ageing. i was wondering how the stages of ageing will affect my guitar and what kind of wear to expect. also on a lot of older Les Pauls i see the finish wearing through on the body/neck, is this something that will happen within a few years of heavy playing (say 5-10 years) or is it something to be expected nearer the time a guitar becomes 'vintage' any info will be greatly appreciated
  13. LPC666

    volume knob

    if you mean what i think you do, its probably your pots. is it only the one knob or all of them?
  14. im thinking buying a new CS model and removing the middle pickup and putting the larger pickguard on maybe the way to go. does anyone have any advice with this?
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