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  1. Congrats! Gotta love a plain top like that!
  2. Can I join? My 1999 DC Standard Lite
  3. Yeah, slide your belt buckle to the side Wear a shirt untucked.
  4. The truss rod is NOT for setting the action. It's for neck relief only. The bridge (or saddles - depending on the guitar) is for setting action. While true, that a flatter neck relief may help you lower the action, it also can lead to fret outs and buzzing. It's a balancing act. If you don't know how to set up your guitar, take it in. Ask if you can watch how it's done. There a tons of videos on how to setup your guitar on Youtube.
  5. Did you buy it to collect or to play? If the answer isn't to play (a little or a lot), then put in its case and leave it alone. Otherwise... PLAY AND ENJOY!
  6. Auriemma

    New DC Day!

    Here are some better shots... enjoy.
  7. Auriemma

    New DC Day!

    I called Gibson Customer Service and they confirmed 492R & Classic 57T Plus pickups in the Lite. Also, he told me that the Lite isn't considered part of the DC line. It was part of the "Standard" line and the Lite shape is a chambered DC style. If that makes any sense.
  8. Auriemma

    New DC Day!

    I stand corrected... the pickups are 490R & 498T. Edit... I thought I was wrong. The Standard has 490R & 498T pups. The Standard Lite has 492R Alnico and Classic 57T Plus pups.
  9. Auriemma

    New DC Day!

    Last night I was selling pickups to someone. We met up at the local GC. Of course he was inside and I needed to in to find him so we could do the deal. So after we are done, I take a walk around the used section. I see a Gibson DC hanging on the wall. Amber maple top, mahogany, and rosewood. Fairly tall frets that were in excellent condition. All gold hardware, Grover tuners, it looked all original. I check the serial... 1999. Sadly the setup was rubbish. The action was "buzz everywhere" kinda low. First thing that crosses my mind is... I need to go home and get some guitars I'm not playing. Went home grabbed 4 lesser guitars and came back. As they were valuating my trade ins, the tech was putting a fresh setup on it. Once that was fixed, it played very well. I noticed this DC was very light weight, the neck was thinner than any Gibson I've ever played. The body thin and reminded me of a Les Plus. The tone from the neck pickup was not a LP growl, brighter, more articulate, almost airy, the bridge was typical LP bright and powerful. So after a bit of haggling (not much really), I bring her home. So this morning I get to give her a full DNA removal, cleaning, polish, string change, and my setup. After a thorough inspection (pulled the panel), it is marked LPLI TA, and it's chambered. She is in excellent shape. Only 3 tiny dings on the neck. I come to find the pickups are 57 Classic Plus and 492R. Not too shabby. So she is a 1999 Les Paul Double Cut Standard Lite in Trans Amber. Now that's a mouthful. My wife, who is not a guitar fan, likes it...and even approves.
  10. It's been pointed out there is a T showing out of the lower solder blob. The poles are about 52mm apart as well. If that's of any help.
  11. I bought this pickup a while ago. I was told it was a Gibson Burstbucker 3 for the neck. I'm thinking not. It ohms out at 8.0-8.1. Hopefully someone here here can ID for me. Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm thinking about cleaning that up with my Dremel. That's just nasty looking. I need to replace the tuners as well.
  13. Yes... EPIPHONE STRATOCASTER. Like Jumbo Shrimp!
  14. It's silver flake. Those pis have a warm hue. I gave it a good cleaning, DeOxit on the electrics, and tightened everything up. Took pics of the PG off and the routing (scary!). It players very well. The tuners hold but need to be replaced. And yes... The Oxymoron is the Epiphone -Strat combination.
  15. I picked this up last night... an 1988-94 Epi S-310... STRAT! Here is the best part, I was there to buy and amp (Line 6 Spider II 75 w/FVB4 switch) and they thru in the Epi with an SKB hard case. No missing paint, neck is straight, frets look barely used, electrics need Dioxit. She has been sitting for many years and needs a serious cleaning, new strings and a solid setup. But from my initial noodling, she may be a nice little player. Total spent: 50 bucks. There is no serial number because it was on a sticker that is long gone. I called Gibson/Epi CS for some info, they pushed to a Epiwiki for info...Really? I'm also looking for a proper truss rod cover... 3 hole bell with GIBSON vertically down the center. Can any of you shed more light on this S-310?
  16. Oddly enough, when I flipped the bridge over, there is a T and a B hand written on the bottom. Take a look at this Johnny Smith... http://www.archtop.com/ac_68jsmith.html You can clearly see the identical base. The whole bridge unit may be Gibson.
  17. The guitar is a Ventura V1400. Its a Japanese copy of a Gibson Barney Kessel. I think we can be fairly sure that Ventura did not use Gibson parts on their guitars.
  18. I am in the process of rebuilding a Ventura Barney Kessel. Its far from original. The bridge on it is interesting. Wood base with MoP inlays on the ends and a tune-o-matic with nylon saddles. What got my attention was the GIBSON stamp underneath the TOM. Does anyone have an idea how old or what guitar this came from? See the attached pics. Thanks in advance.
  19. OK... I have a Longhorn DC with (2) EMG 85s and a LR Baggs Piezo bridge. I got tired of the sound way too fast. I'm thinking more a vintage sound. Is it possible to put in a set of SD Seth Lovers in place of the EMGs? I have contacted Gibson about it, but after a week, no reply. Calling EMG was useless. Seymour Duncan thinks its a gut and start over situation. I am still waiting to hear back from JR Baggs since its their board in it. Here is the layout. 2 - EMG 85s 1 - piezo bridge 2 - output jacks (1 Mix piezo/EMG, 1 EMG only) 1 - 3 way toggle (EMGs only, standard Gibson pup selection) 3 - control knobs (1 EMG only volume, 1 piezo volume, 1 EMG tone) Any ideas?
  20. EMG 85's come stock... so does the LR Baggs Piezo in the bridge.
  21. Well... after 40 years I finally joined the Gibson club. I bought the 2008 Longhorn DC HS. I love the look, feel, and sound of this guitar. Odd though... standard Double Cuts are considered Les Pauls, but Longhorns aren't. Simple jealousy I tell you.
  22. My first was either one of these... Kay FuzzTone or ESR Graphic Fuzz Bought them both in the mid-70s and sold them both just last year.
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