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  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the info and advise, this is a great forum. I am working on a couple of projects at the moment that’s taking me to wee hours, as soon as I get some free time I will try some of your suggestions and also give the guitar an overall set-up. I had to buy this guitar mail order because of where I live so it did not get a set-up at the store, won’t call any names but their service was excellent, made sure I got a pristine instrument. The problems we have discussed here are really minor and fixable, as I have said before this is a lot of guitar for the price so I would not want any prospective buyers to put off by our discussions. There is just no way to love guitars and not want to tinker with them; we are always striving for that special, sometimes elusive tone in our heads. The very best, Raghaven.
  2. Hi Eric, Thanks for the tip, adjusting the tabs should do the trick if care is taken to get both sides at an equal angle. At the moment the bridge “pickup to string” height is 3/32” at the low “E’ and 2/32 at the high “E”, the neck is 4/32” and 3/32” I will re-adjust them but I feel I should be getting higher output from the bridge pickup with these settings. My first upgrade will be the bridge pickup; I just need to miss a few meals so I can afford a better one. I will let you know how it goes. Raghaven.
  3. Hi, I agree with you on the bridge pickup, I feel a humbucker in that position should be at least 11k, when split the output gets really low (4.3k) my Strat’s bridge vintage single coil with Alnico 5’s is 6.3k. The angle of the body at the neck pickup seems to be a problem with a lot of 339’s from what I have been reading. I see you have a 339 Ultra in your guitar list, that should be similar to the 339 Pro, how is the neck pickup angle on that? Raghaven.
  4. Oh! By the way, I got the Vintage Sunburst finish, quite liked the Cherry Red but it seems everyone is getting those and the Ebony and Natural was out of stock where I bought mine. Raghaven.
  5. Hi, Every guitar has it’s own character and sound, some say no two guitars even of the same model sounds the same. So with that in mind you can expect the 339 to have it’s unique sound compared to a 335. I find the 339 is naturally a little tighter (brighter) sounding than the larger soundboard of the 335 but then some tone control adjustment can get you close. I can promise, you will be very happy with the 339 pro, it’s immaculately finished not much bigger than a Les Paul (but much lighter) and sounds great even with the stock Alnico Classic pickups. Check this link below these guys did a really good comparison/review of the new 339s’ and 335s’. All the best, Raghaven.
  6. Thanks again for the useful info. I know that the “classic” humbuckers traditionally have lower outputs but I am wondering if 8.6k is too low of a resistance for the bridge humbucker pickup. I will check the pickup wiring and pad the neck pickup with foam strip as you suggested, this should work fine. As I really like this guitar, and intend to keep it, if all else fails a pickup upgrade will be in the works later down the road. “57 Classic” pickups and new pots will double the cost of the guitar but it will still be a fraction of the cost of a Gibson 339. Raghaven.
  7. Willy, Thanks for the link, using this method to check the coils confirm the bridge pickup have a higher resistance than the neck (bridge 8.6k, neck 7.8k). This is as it should be, so the pickups are in the correct positions but it also means that I should be getting higher output from the bridge pickup, as this is not the case I want to believe that there is an out-of-phase problem with this pickup. Can anyone offer further thoughts on this? Raghaven.
  8. A fantastic instrument beautifully finished, not perfect but this is a lot of guitar for the price, definitely a keeper. The action needs to be a bit higher than solid body electrics’ but the guitar is remarkably easy to play, then there’s that smaller body size it’s really comfortable to hold especially if a 335 sized hollow body knocks your strumming arm out of it’s socket. The coil splitting helps to add some tonal variety but don’t expect to get that usual “snappy” sound, humbuckers and true single coils are very different beasts both mechanically and electrically. The neck pickup has that angle away from the strings that some people have complained about, and no, the mounting rings are not on the wrong way it’s just the shape of the body at the point where it meets the fingerboard that causes this. The bridge pickup angle is fine. So does the pickup not being parallel to the strings affect the sound? It’s a matter of opinion, a humbucker has two coils and this angle will cause one to be closer to the strings than the other. This can cause slightly higher output and possibly more bass tones on the closer coil and lower output from the other coil. Does this bother me? Not at all, at least not as much as the fact the bridge pickup has lower output than the neck pickup (the pickup to string heights are fine by the way). Normally the bridge should be higher output, so were the two pickups switched in assembly or is this the dreaded "out-of-phase" problem I hear about? Maybe someone out there can tell me.
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