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  1. I was wondering which Earvana nut you used with your Midtown. This one? = http://www.shop.earvana.com/Gibson-Style-Shelf-Nut-GIBNUT.htm

  2. I will back you up that some pedals in front of the Valve Junior make a huge difference. I have an RP350 and it really opens the amp up and has a volume pedal that I use constantly. The flip side of this is if you do mod the VJr. the tones are much rounder and in your face, the way an amp is supposed to sound. It's all good though and all about enjoying your sound.
  3. It is a small world. Stargeezer is an RC guy as well. I'm hoping to check out his band at some point.
  4. The Trio mod is it. You will be amazed how many tones you will have at your disposal. Short of reverb almost everything you might want is there.
  5. I think I'm in the same boat with the same tube combo. You really seem to have to push to seat. I'm doing tube swaps this morning to verify it's a tube.
  6. LA I have a nice off the beaten path tech question for you. I am all into amplifiers right now since I do RC almost all day long. We are building a mini guitar amp and I suggest Lipos for power. Here is what the build is needing: Here is a link: http://forums.epiphone.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&m=59127 and related text below: --------------- The lithium polymer battery idea sounds interesting. What voltage are they? NORMAL "RATED" VOLTAGE IS 3,7 VOLTS PER "CELL" SO, A 3 CELL PACK PUTS OUT 12.6 VOLTS AT FULL CHARGE, BUT IS RATED FOR 11.7 VOLTS UNDER LOAD. How many recharges can they take? NORMALLY BETWEEN 300, AND 500 CYCLES Do they get senile with charge-memory problems? NO, AND THEY DONT SELF DISCHARGE LIKE NICADS DO!!! etc., etc. I was considering scrounging up five or six kiddie cart 12v gel cells for extended camping trips or whatever, but was thinking three 24v batteries would probably be even better. HOPE YOU HAVE A STRONG BACK!!! 72v to the plates would probably make that sucker sing! We'll see. FOR 72 VOLTS IN A LIPO PACK, YOU WOULD NEED 19.5 CELLS IN THE PACK, SO YOU COULD SHOOT FOR 19 CELLS FOR 70.3 VOLTS, OR 20 CELLS FOR 74 VOLTS. DO YOU SUPPOSE AN 18 CELL PACK, WOULD RUN THE SYSTEM??? THAT WOULD GIVE YOU 66.6 VOLTS. TO CHARGE THIS, YOU WOULD NEED TO BREAK IT DOWN INTO SMALLER PACKS OF EITHER (3) 6 CELL PACKS OR (2) 9 CELL PACKS. THE 20 CELL P ACK COULD BE MADE UP OF (4) 5 CELL PACKS, OR (2) 10 CELL PACKS. CHARGERS ARE AVAILABLE FOR EITHER OF THOSE SMALLER PACKS CONFIGURATIONS. The heater at 1.5v is another issue. I could string all the tubes in series if there was a 7.5v battery. Not much chance of that I guess. The power pentodes can be configured for a 2.7v heater supply, but that would only bring it up to ~10v. But! If I add another preamp stage, it'll be a ~11.5v heater requirement! IN THE MODEL AIRPLANE BUSINESS THEY USE A DEVICE CALLED "AN ULTIMATE BEC" WHICH REDUCES THE VOLTAGE OF THE POWER PACK (UP TO 45 VOLTS) DOWN TO 5 VOLTS FOR THE RECEIVER. I KNOW THE GUY WHO MAKES THOSE DEVICES, AND I AM PRETTY SURE HE COULD MAKE ONE TO DROP THE OUTPUT VOLTAGE EVEN FURTHER. SAY 1.5 TO 2 VOLTS. WHAT I WILL NEED TO KNOW IS HOW MANY AMPS DO THE HEATERS PULL??? AT THE PRESENT TIME, THE BIGGEST "SINGLE CELL" LIPO MADE IS A 6000 MAH CELL. TO DO ANY ADDITIONAL CALCULATIONS I WOULD NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE TOTAL AMP DRAW OF THE AMPLIFIER IS. I WOULD HAVE TO HAVE THAT BEFORE I COULD CALCULATE THE APPROX RUN TIME FOR A PACK COMPOSED OF 6000 MAH CELLS. OF COURSE, YOU CAN WIRE PACKS IN PARALLEL TO INCREASE THE STORAGE CAPACITY OF THE TOTAL PACK. AS FOR WEIGHT, A 5 CELL PACK OF THE 6000 MAH CELLS WEIGHS 21 OZ!!! GOT TO RUN NOW. LET ME KNOW IF THIS IS ENOUGH TO HELP. L.A.
  7. I am hearing little clicks in my speaker. Usually when I strike a string. Sometimes a pop. I attributed it to bad wiring but just ran my 2x12 ohm speakers with the VJ and they sound totally solid, no pop or clicks. I'm thinking I may have a blown combo speaker. Any thoughts?
  8. I just heard Jerry Reed died. Living in Nashville I have become friends with some of the old school pickers. If I had to pick a decade to live in Nashville it would have been the 70's. Jerry was friends with a buddy of mine named Chip Young and I met Jerry one day when he and Chip were out together. Jerry could tear the hell out of a telecaster.
  9. Am I allowed to use the term - BAD ***!!! Who knew I would get excited tubes and knobs? I have a tech guru that is friend and was part of the design process for many US bombers and fighter jets. He is also a lipo expert. I'm going to get his input on the best battery options for this.
  10. A two cell lipo is 7.4. I would be curious to see what kind of life we could get out one, I think a lot longer than any battery off the shelf. 3 cell is 11.1. I can get all the 2 cells we want and could throw in a charger. They don't have memory and for this type of application they might actually last a while. I have lipos that are pretty damn old. Let me know and I'll send some your way!
  11. I'm into RC and have a slew of lithium polymer packs laying around. I'm betting this thing could run off of a two or three cell lipo and play for a loooong time and they are rechargeable. Cgil maybe we could work out a trade for batteries and you make an extra one. That would rock.
  12. I think I would be on the lookout for an ultimately cool box for the knobs to hang out of...I'm thinking an all wood cigar box or a kids lunch box. The lunch box would rock because of all the cool flavors and you could open the lid to access everything and change batteries. Also a small speaker might be cool. Not a speaker you would really want to use but one there for more of a novelty...like this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ZVex-Nano-Amp-1-2-watt-guitar-amp_W0QQitemZ300254523867QQihZ020QQcategoryZ10171QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  13. Keep us up to date. This looks like something I want build!
  14. SG - Interesting idea...hmmm. Steven - I've been running an RP350 through the Valve Junior and that has been a lot of fun. For the first time in a long time I am spending more time with just the git and the amp (no pedals). That is something new to me.
  15. I'd like to round out all of these postings to say that my little 5 watt Valve Junior is everything I had hoped for in a 5 watt amp. With the mods it is all the crunchy, raunchy, clean and everything in between I could have hoped for. I'm sure there are better amps out there but for what I use it for I could not be happier. I'm also running it through the speakers my 1972 MusicMan 212HD One Thirty (2x12) and my lord it sounds amazing. Sustain like you hear on Santana, squeelies ala ZZ top and the clean is nice and chimey as well. The attenuator also lets me do all these things without blowing out my ears (which are already pretty blown from the 90's). Sorry to be long winded but the amp in conjunction with my Tele are just inspiring. So if you, like I was, are out researching small tube amps on the web then consider the Valve Jr. a cost effective tone machine that is highly tweakable. I want the shirt and tattoo!
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