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  1. I noticed that. He pulls that technique off as well as Jeff Beck. Still don't know how they can do that- not for me. Have to be careful here... I have one of Richie's signature Tele's. They're wonderful guitars. It has the fattest neck of any of my guitars. Very well laid out with its design and electronics. 12" radius fret board, like Gibson. I'm a Gibson guy they, I might add.
  2. Surfpup- I was at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall on Wednesday night where the Winery Dogs performed. I thought they were fantastic. I was particularly interested in seeing/hearing Kotzen play. He is everything and more than I was hoping for. It's amazing he can play like that and get that tone without using a pic. I agree with all of your comments- they were not just a three piece super group (well they are but), they had very well constructed songs and performed them exceptionally well. I'm a big fan, even more after seeing them perform live. If you have the chance, don't miss this show. I
  3. Aldo Nova just put this rare 1982 live audio clip on the tube. It just screams. Check out the dueling leads at the end of the song. Here it is:
  4. I love Robbo's guitar playing. Here's a cool one, not live, but still great. He's playing with his Scottish mate Frankie Miller:
  5. This is an amazing video. I've never seen it before, maybe you have. The kid isn't playing a Gibson here but they're other video's of him playing a clown burst. Anybody know anyting about this young guitarist? Here's the video:
  6. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I think the way to go- for me - is to cut some of the rubber off the bumpers as surpup suggested. If I attached a pad above the switch I'm thinking it would work but it would seem to reduce the wah's sweeping capacity.
  7. I've recently read that one thing Dunlop wah owners have done is to cut the rubber bumpers/stops on the inside of the top of their wah's so it will allow when you stomp on it, it will activate/engage a lot easier. I have to stomp on mine (535Q) which I don't like. Have any of you done this? I'm concerned that if I do, do it I can't replace them do to the construction of the wah. I don't know how to separate the top half from the bottom half. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated.
  8. These are great. Check out Kasper Falkenberg demonstrating what you cab do with it. They actually work great. Here's the link:
  9. Thank you thejay. I wasn't familiar with this stand. Looks like it will work fine for the V's. I'll check it out- Thanks again. WRD
  10. How do you rest your V on the Rockstand Thejay? Could you provide a picture with the V and other guitars on the stand. I can't figure it out. Many thanks WRD
  11. Question: When I play out, I always take 2 or more guitars. I use a multi stand- the Warwick Rockstand RS3 (for 3 guitars). My problem is that a V won't fit or sit on it. I need a multi stand but can't find one that is compatible to the V's other than a single stand. Anyone using a multi guitar stand that will fit Les Paul's and V's that have modified there's to a allow a V to safely fit? Any advice is greatly appreciated. WRD
  12. Thanks Bigtim, Hopefully others might chime in. No big deal- just curious. WRD
  13. Good afternoon everyone. I have a stock SG/Les Paul Historic-Custom Shop with Maestro made in 2005. I'm trying determine if my guitar has the 57's or Burstbuckers pick ups. Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated. Thanks so much, WRD
  14. Here's a great video of Eric Johnson and Joe Bonamassa playing Crossroads. Checkout Joe's playing on a Firebird 1.
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