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  1. Thanks alot! I wish I could find the person that stole it too!
  2. Cheers Pippy & loneguitar! Yeah, we called the authorites and it took them 3 months to come out to us, to take a statement. The insurance company said that it wasn't covered on the owner's policy or the shop's policy as there wasn't any violence or breaking and entering. As there are so few of these, those that I have seen are either known as Silverburst(without the black), or Metallic Silver, but it certainly isn't a Silver Sparkle. Once again, Many Thanks
  4. Ah, sorry for the confusion, I can see why you think that, but it was a genuine question. Has anybody ever seen an ALL SILVER, LES PAUL CUSTOM?
  5. Hello There Does anybody have any information on Michigan Guitars, built in the USA in the 50's, I'm led to believe that it was a Gibson brand. Any further information, would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Dan
  6. I can't tell you how sorry I am, that the state of the would is in such disarray that you don't see a genuine plee when you read one. The guitar belongs/belonged to the owner of the guitar shop. We're a little embarassed by the fact that we can't provide a serial number for it, apparently his 'list' (as he has around 40 guitars) was lost during a house move, but this is 100% genuine. There are a few 'marks/imperfections' that the owner could describe without seeing the guitar, we all know what a les paul custom looks like. The guitar was stole without its orginal hardcase and we still have it here, it's a 'protector' type with brown lining. The reason why we've been looking on ebay and other websites is really just to keep a lookout for th eguitar, the owner is willing to 'Buy it back' if he must, so, no scam. Here in the UK we have only just in the recent years got 'pawnshops' they're part of a chain calle dcash converters and we've informed them all, but the level of quality of staff that work there means nothing. We can only hope to stumble across this guitar one day, but are trying to increase our chances by getting 'the word' out there. The guitar was covered by a personal insurance cover that was expempt if the item was in a shop or unattended outside of the house. The shop insurance only covered theft with a violent nature or breaking & entering related thefts, the estimated value was around £8000.00
  7. Has anybody ever seen an ALL SILVER Custom?
  8. Thanks for that Mety, but they're not reverse zebra bobbins. ********! I thought I was sorted then for a minute!
  9. I have a 96 Custom Shop LP and that originally had two Classic 57's in the reverse zebra configuration, but before I bought it back, they changed the bridge pick up to a Seymour Duncan (still reverse zebra bobbins). I am desperately trying to buy a Classic 57 Plus for the bridge in reverse zebra, but can I find one? Nope! I do know that use to make (and sell) them.
  10. I have the Dunlop 19" Rack mounted crybaby (DCR-1SR)and it's absolutely amazing! Got an eq, true bypass, 6 different settings too. I also have a Morley Wah and an original crybaby (which is probably my third crybaby as the pots keep going scratchy but they do have a great sound!), but from my experiences, I would be happy to recommend the Morley or Dunlop but please bare in mind that you may need to clean or change the pot.
  11. Hi there folks, I'm desperately trying to buy a Gibson 57 Classic Plus pick up with Zebra Coils & the screws in the creme bobbin, for the bridge! Apparently, they are 'Reverse Zebra' Please tell me I can get one somewhere
  12. Hi there folks, I'm desperately trying to buy a Gibson 75 Classic Plus pick up with Zebra Coils & the screws in the creme bobbin, for the bridge! Please tell me I can get one somewhere
  13. Well, this is the difficult part! We don't know whether or not it has been on eBay, but we've searched eBay and set up automatic search notifications. We do not have the serial number, nor does the owner, but he could definately identify the guitar by describing 'certain' things to look for. The first thing we need to do is find an ALL SILVER SILVERBURST. Money is not an issue here as he's prepared to pay over the odds of a normal Silverburst in the form of a reward for it's safe return. If we can find out how to host images here, we have a few photographs that we would like to host for you all to look at.
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