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  1. Haha okay well thanks for the info. I had forgotten about the Joe Bonamassa model, and I'm not really sure if they're actually still producing the Slash Gold Top. Anyway thanks. I would probably play an Epiphone instead of a Gibson too even if I could afford one.
  2. Hey Everyone! I'm new here to the Gibson Guitar Board, and I'd like to start off by setting out a question that many of you might like to talk about. What new model of guitar should Epiphone come out with, or what out-of-production model should they put back into production. First off, we all know that the reason you're playing an Epiphone right now is probably because you can't afford a Gibson, but that doesn't mean you have to be lower class than those Gibson players! The poll with this thread is just out of curiosity, and the thread itself should be much more vast. Just tell of a model that was once produced by Epiphone or Gibson that is no longer in production, a Gibson model that Epiphone should make a model of, or even throw out a new idea to the world on what Epiphone should make. I'll start by saying one of each. I think that Epiphone should put back into production the Epiphone 1963 Firebird VII. Why?, because it was a great reproduction of the original, and I hope to own one soon enough. This new Firebird Studio Epiphone has doesn't even look like a full-blooded Firebird. It looks like some cheap version of the Firebird, and we've all seen that Epiphone can do better. As far as Gibson models that should also be made by Epiphone, I think that maybe Epiphone should look into more new-age electronics like the Gibson Robot guitars. The Les Paul Ultra II was heading in the right direction, but I don't think it was enough. Sure there are some of us out there who don't really like that Gibson is losing traditional instruments, and I am one of them, but there's always a new-age guitar player out there who want's more versatility. But if it would bring it up to the price of a Gibson, maybe Epiphone should leave that part to the big leagues. Now on to the exciting part. A new idea for Epiphone. After considering it for a while, my idea would be to make a double-neck Les Paul just like the G-1275 only with a Les Paul single-cutaway and a carved-top. One neck would be 12-string and the other would be 6-string. Well I guess I'd better wrap up this introduction by saying that out of all of the models Epiphone could make or remake, the Epiphone 1963 Firebird VII would be the best choice. However, the fact that one of my all-time favorites is Allen Collins might affect my decision. Rest in peace, Allen "Won't you fly, high, Free Bird, yeah!" Peace to you all, my fellow rockers, Jared Collins
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