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  1. The OP received an offer of help from Yorkville, the distributor of Gibson Guitars in Canada: http://www.jazzguitar.be/forum/guitar-amps-gizmos/45354-gibson-horror-story-serious-truss-rod-issue.html
  2. Gibson Custom Shop archtops made in the Noughties (2000s) sport a first digit 2xxxXxxx. So, a 2007 would read 2xxx7xxx. Beginning in 2010, the first digit reads 1xxxXxxx. So, a 2010 would read 1xxx0xxx. Your L-5CES Wine Red was made on December 11th 2007 and the 6th guitar of the day given a serial number. That is what 345 stands for: the 345th day of 2007. Hence, 23457006. I guess Gibson Customer Service will get back to you soon. P.S. Also, the time to authenticate any Gibson guitar is BEFORE you put down your money. After you give your money away, it is kinda late to ask for authentication or verification, isn't it? You'd do well to bear that in mind on your next Gibson guitar purchase.
  3. Nando, it appears that your R4 Oxblood falls in the range of 2003 serial numbers with factory Brazilian Rosewood fretboards. The serial numbers begin with 4 3001 and end with 4 3150. Congrats! I see a dealer asking $5495 for a mint one, 4 3111. And they came stock from Gibson with Schallers. http://www.marksguitarloft.com/picBrowser.php?id=43111
  4. Another suggestion: how about buying the ring that you can find readily and putting four 1/16th" thick rubber grommets, washers or shims in the four corners under the ring until Gibson gets the right one to you? If it is just to hold the humbucker in place it does not matter that it looks "incorrect" with a gap running all round it. PS I agree that Gibson is just an asss to deal with. It could be simpler except that Gibson feels that everyone who asks is a potential counterfeiter...or so I gather by its unhelpful attitude where it comes to parts.
  5. I'm sure you've seen these but for $6.00 a set each, maybe worth a shot: http://www.allparts.com/PC-0743-023-Humbucking-Pickup-Rings-Slanted-Black-Plastic_p_2444.html ?
  6. Better yet, sell your HoneyBurst with the flamed maple and get the 2004 Silver-White ES-137 Classic Custom with scratches in the lacquer on reverb dot com for $1750 or lower. Get that one shaved down and refinished in Ebony. It has a rosewood fretboard though.
  7. The Gibson Custom Shop is no longer taking custom orders. It could open its books again in the future. Who knows? Even if the Custom Shop were to accept your custom order the cost would be stratospherically high. Gibson CS charges the full MSRP on a custom order. No MAP. No street pricing. I doubt it would be worth it considering that you stand to lose about 75% of the MSRP that you would have paid when you sell it on. That could easily buy you a used ES-137 Custom. So, take the used one, shave the neck, re-finish it in Ebony to your heart's content. It will have 50% of its used market value left after that but it is a far far cheaper route to take. At most, you are out a $1000 plus whatever modification and refinishing costs. But the enjoyment to you: Priceless. In the other scenario you will be out $2000 or more.
  8. Antonio of www.ultimaguitar.com sells them. William Gagnon of Gagnon Guitars makes and customises them with the MOP onlays. ebay prices are nuts on these things.
  9. Hi Jabberwocky,

    Would you be interested in selling your ES-150 reissue? Perhaps there is another guitar you have had in mind and need to make room?

    Thank you for your time,


  10. Jazzed to see some increasing love for the L-4CES. An underappreciated Gibson archtop. Play her in good health.
  11. hi ,, im from the uk , had this les paul for years stored away in its case ,, serial number 9 0949 ,, where s it from and what age is it please ?? many thanks !!

  12. A Natural L5CES is a thing of beauty from any era. But Twang Gang, that pickguard sticker has to go.
  13. Did you try trading your ES-339 for a used ES-335 over at Dave's Guitars? Dave's has a rather nice used ES-335 Fat Neck 2007 for sale right now http://davesguitar.com/products/gibson/es-335-fat-neck-07/ .
  14. Not such an innocent request: http://reading.craigslist.org/bar/4080933966.html .
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