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  1. Has the correct sticker inside also
  2. The hardware, Mute, Paint tuners etc. all look legit, but I have Issues with the Logo appearance and Jewel being off center. Its at my local shop getting a setup at the moment, what do You guys think? Legit or not?
  3. Heres my prior post, has pics etc.. Hope it helps! http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/63943-gibson-sonex-180-custom/page__p__865932__hl__sonex__fromsearch__1#entry865932
  4. I know they made amps for other companies, but my understanding is they made them for other manufacturers and were branded under thier respective brand name?? i cant find any info on it under the model number or AT&T.
  5. Hey folks, Heres the mystery piece of the day. I have an old amp i've has for years and have no clue what is is.. I have spent hours researching online and i cant find one like it. Its solid state, the pot switches are cts and have a code of 1376632 which should be a 1966 date. It appears to have all american made electronics in it. The sticker at the bottom reads American telephone and telegraph model 872. 24watts. The speaker is 8" and it has a code of 465-626 which makes it an oxford made speaker. it has 3 inputs and 4 knobs, for volume, tone, vibrato strength and speed as well as a jack
  6. When I originally posted the pics of this guitar, I forgot to mention the shop that restored it. Props to Paradise Guitars! Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail. Hope the pics they took help someone with thier wiring nightmare I went through.
  7. Thanks RTH. Is that catalog online somewhere?
  8. I guessed lp100 when I first got it too, but from what I've seen LP100's always have had "Les Paul" printed on the headstock.. It doesn't feel cheap and sound horrible like the other lp100's ive played either. I wish there were a clear way to know. I wont be depressed if it turns out to be the cheap lp100 i guess, i still enjoy playing it sometimes, I like the fact that the body is rounded and thinner and lighter than my sons Epiphone Les Paul plus top. His looks beautiful with the cherry sunburst ect, but this LP feels closer to my Sonex, but the Sonex is still way better. LOL thanks to every
  9. The Sonex had a solid usually mahogany body with a Resonwood coating. No one seems to know exaxtly what the Resonwood coating was made of, but im with rocketman, I have an 81 sonex custom and none of my other guitars come close in sustain. You just cant beat it. I cant believe that the Sonex's never realy caught on. I think too many Gibson fans were up in arms over the bolt on neck. If you gonna get a Sonex, get a Standard or a Custom. the deluxe came with cheaper pickups and pots. Rocketman, Have you tried a Electro Harmonix Big Muff with the sustain pot with the Sonex, You'll laugh how lon
  10. What about a Bill Clinton signature sax?????? There are a million different guitar makers all over the world, making hundreds of different configurations of guitars, and pickups and strings etc. The sad truth is that no one ever finds "the" guitar that was built for them. Thats why we all have sooo many. I have had dozens of guitars and they are just like cars or for that women. In that, each one though they all perform the same basic functions feels different, looks different, and what makes one person happy, makes another think what a pile of junk. As for new styling and research, I have
  11. My first guitar was a early 80's Peavey T-15 in gloss black. My parents bought it for me to learn on. I tried piano, and it was not my thing so I figured i'd try guitar. It was a great built guitar and a joy to play. It had the factory hard case with a built in 10 watt amp in the case. That was a quality guitar and was made in the USA. I never really liked the tinny sound of the stock pickups. I like metal and grunge type riffs to play the best, the T-15 was a bit too blues-ie sounding. It ended up getting stolen out of the back of a friends car. I didn't play for years after until when my kid
  12. I have a 1981 Sonex 180 custom as well. Pics are on my other post here http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/63943-gibson-sonex-180-custom/ I have no Idea what the 180 meant either. My guess would be that the Sonex brand were released for sale possibly January of 1980? 1/80? My Sonex is my favorite guitar by far since I got it back from repair. If I HAD to sell all my guitars except one, It would be my Sonex. I also have an 03 Gibson SG Faded with the ebony neck and crescent moon inlays. Its as nice as the Sonex to play and WAY lighter, but the Factory pickups dont touch the sound or sust
  13. I have a 2003 SG Faded with the ebony fretboard and the crecent moon inlays. They made the moon inlays from 2001 - 2003 only for the faded line from what I understand. They could come on any faded model those years. But they seem to be semi rare. I have heard complaints of finish problems and warping problems also, but mine is perfect. Its the mahogany brown faded. I think the only thing I would like to change on it would be the stock bridge pickup, it sounds clear enough, but not quite as hot as I would like it. After getting my 1981 Sonex 180 custom back with the original zebra dirty fingers
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