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  1. Thanks ! I'll do some comparisons with my twin and ocd pedal and my bfg with the Burstbucker 3 in the bridge,...reason I'm wondering about all this.....I picked up a second BFG to play around with, I'm going to put a Seymour Duncan Hot P90 -3 , 10k, in the neck and I want to put a high gain pup in the bridge, either the Gibson 500T, Dirty Fingers, or Seymour SH-6 Distortion Pup, all three are around 16k , I don't play metal , but we do play some garage / heavy blues, and I'd like to have something that can sound sweet clean, then smoke !!
  2. Hi, '71 Twin Reverb, amp is fine, doesn't seem to matter if the pup is parallel to strings or not, measured the resistance again, 16k, going to play with height tonight, maybe need to lower it, I'm thinking that the "power" doesn't kick in while playing clean, only when using a distortion pedal ?
  3. I added a set of dirty fingers in my SG bridge position....I wired it correctly, the green and white wire are soldered together and taped off..... It does not seem as near as hot as they are said to be. I have Burstbucker 3's in a Les Paul BFG, and they sound the same level. I checked the resistance of the coils, in the standard humbucking config they are in series and read about 16 K ohms, the other pickup in my SG Neck, not sure what it is reads about 8k ohms, and the neck pickup sounds just a s loud. I don't think that its out of phase, because there is bass and treble, not tinny..... I the only think i've noticed that they are not parallel to the string angle , the strings go right over top of the top pickup of the humbucker and the strings are alot higher on top of the second humbucker because of the angle of the strings. I moved the pup paralel to the string angle using my hand and playing a few notes and the volume / tone stayed the same... do i have them too high, should i adjust the pole pieces hirer lower, stick some foam under the pup to lift the bottom up to meet the strings ? Do you only notice the hot when going through a pedal ? It sounds ok, but not the power that i expected Stumped....i thoink that they should be alot hotter.....
  4. Hey !! thinking on doing the same, how did you make out, i put a dirty finger in my SG ridge and don't find it any hotter than the BB3 in the bfg
  5. Hi all, proud BFG father of two, new to the forum....trying to post pics of my BFG referb, scraped off the rippled dark goo, lightly sanded, and oiled about 10 times, a trans black model down to its inner maple top beauty... left it all stock as it should be. Not one for buying a guitar then trying to mod it to death to become another...thats what my first wife tried to do with me lol, and it didn't work ! It is what it is, take it or leave it don't knock these until you try them, then come back and talk to us BeeFnnGeerrrrrzzzzzzzzz ! bare with me, can't seem to get these attachements working ! $$#$#$@@!!!### ah thats better, here she is with her sister !!! might be gettin the "ink" blue one also, saw a "natural" one for sale the other day...you can kick these around without babying them, and baby......the tone out of that BB3 and P90 you won't break the bank either....... can we start a BFG club !!?? LETS SEE YER PICS AND HEAR YER STORIES
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