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  1. Hey all, it's been a while. I just bought a '60-'61 GA-100 bass amp on reverb and the speaker cone is cracked and farts when you play low notes on guitar (with bass it's pretty much unusable). I don't want to send it back because I like it and that would also be a pain, so I'm just going to eat the loss and get a replacement speaker. Which is fine, because I think I'd like to alter the tone a little. It's extremely clean. Like, this thing is absolutely fighting not to break up at basically any volume, even cranked (which is way too loud anyway). I also find the highs a tiny bit harsh, but it has a decent EQ on it. What are some of your opinions for a replacement speaker to bring this into clean-but-can-get-rude territory? There's a new P12Q Jensen RI near me on craigslist that I might take just for convenience... Thanks and take care.
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