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  1. Bought a hummingbird standard couple of months ago. I went new because 2nd hand guitars in London tend to be overpriced + interest free credit on new models is a plus. I loved it. Best guitar I ever played. Wait, not quite... But the hummingbird custom in the shop was about £6000. Now that was sweet
  2. Well after an evening playing friends I can say this is the sweetest guitar I've played. I swapped the factory strings to some exilir lights and it sounds awesome. So much feeling, detail and warmth.
  3. Well my hummingbird sounds less warm but more clear than the video. I actually took it back to the shop to compare again against the 60s version and another of the same. I also wanted to yet the action adjusted a little. The 60s one again sounded warmer but the clarity was lacking. I guess everyone has their own preference. Personally ever j45 I played sounded uninspiring. Very even and detailed but missing a little magic. It feels that my hummingbird is going to seriously improve my playing. It really want to be dug into. I like that about it very much. My post purchase anxiety will be gone by tomorrow I'm sure
  4. Eminor7: Link was missing from your post any chance of sending it over again? Now don't misunderstand me. I am very happy. It is also the most I've ever spent on a guitar. £2000 is a lot of money. So, I'm just curious. The other HB was a TV. And I decided against it. The other was another standard but just out the box. Again not as nice. This guitar definitely has soul. I like instruments that "try", that feeling of pushing for something. Most of the guitars I've been testing sounded very beautiful, but it was a very effortless sound, which left them sounding quite dull. Does that make sense? This hummingbird sound very "unconstrained". I own a mid 90's seagull and believe it or not it sounds beautiful. It's had 15 years of furious playing an it's incredibly warm and very open. Which is why I was looking for something with more complexity and less mush. The seagull sounds "similar" to the Martin d15. Which surprised be given the original £280 I paid new. I'll post some pics later
  5. I purchase a new Hummingbird yesterday (standard with vintage starburst). And I'm very happy with my purchase. I have a query about how much these open up over time. Basically I've spent a while looking for a Gibson to love. I've tried numerous J-45s, a Dove, couple of Songwriters, Sheryl Crows, John Lennon 160something. Almost all didn't float my boat. My favorite was a Blues King until I tried this Hummingbird. There were 3 in the shop. 2 had a sweet tone with some beautiful harmonics, but a little lifeless. The third (or the first I tried) didn't sound like either of the other 2. It was much more lively and so much fun to play. A lot of erm .. jangle? Sparkle? But, specific sweetness of the other 2 wasn't quite there. I went on a hunch that the tone would open up more with age, but the other whi;le sounding sweet would never have the fun factor I was looking for. I wondered what others experience of the hummingbird was, how it ages etc. I guess I'm suffering a slight amount of anxiety that I'm missing that specifc Hummingbird sound. Of course that goes away when I play it :)
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