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  1. Here's a few pics from my recent factory tour. Several shots of Midtown models in process. That was a really great time! The workers were so nice, letting the kids spray stuff in the booth, speaking with us...They really enjoy their work and take a lot of pride in what they do. I'm enjoying the Midtown Classic more each day. The perfect semi-hollow for what I do.
  2. You'd have to mod your guitar and diminish it's value to install dog ears. Non DE pups will mount perfectly with no mods. They sound the same.
  3. I bought a Midtown Custom last week. It's an extremely versatile guitar. In fact, I sold my ES335 in favor of this model. It's much better for hard rock and even detuned metal. I play everything from Sabbath and Priest to Rush and Steeley Dan and the Midtown Custom nails it all. My ES never could. The Richlite fingerboard is very similar to ebony. I don't notice any difference in tone or feel. Its just cosmetic. Richlite has no grain and is not quite as dark as ebony. It doesn't seem to scratch or need oil. There is no downside to richlite which is really ebonol (epoxy) and pulp mixed. It's harder and more durable than ebony and more stable. It won't shrink. I'm surprised these guitars are priced as they are. I would grab one now before Gibsons bi-annual price increases kicks in. BTW, get an SG Standard too! Great instrument. You can't have too many guitars.
  4. I toured the Gibson plant with my extended family of non players yesterday. They left with a new respect for the guitar building process and my lifelong obsession with Gibson. It was a real treat! I was surprised to see how much work is still done by hand. The craftspeople are so full of pride and it shows in their work. There was a lady spraying Vintage Sunburst finishes, taking the utmost care. I'll post photos soon.
  5. Just received my Vintage Sunburst Midtown Classic and it's excellent! As good as it gets! Highly recommended.
  6. It's not a plastic fingerboard. It's basically paper pulp infused with a resin. It's very hard, feels exactly like ebony and the Feds can't touch it.
  7. I returned home from a 3day business trip last night at midnight to discover my 60's Tribute Gold Top had arrived. I was up till 2:00AM playing that bad boy! Two piece body. Paid $700 from HelloMusic.com. I have three other Pauls including a 86 black Standard, 93 violet Classic plus top and an 06 alpine white Custom. The build quality of this 60's tribute is excellent and it has a vibe all it's own. Definitely a nice addition to the collection. Can't wait to gig it!
  8. Hi All, A black Explorer Pro popped up here on Craigslist today so I traded my US Tele for it. Awesome guitar. Fast, thin-ish neck, great tone and that unique Gibson vibe. I've not been able to find much info online. Any info or links would be appreciated. I heard these were a limited production model. Does anyone know how many of each finish were made? Being a black guitar, I assume it does not have a maple top, but rather a completely mahogony body. Would like to confirm. Also, I would like to buy an original Gibson hard case for this guitar. Can this still be had? Thanks in advance for your help! -Eric
  9. It's real. I've seen several at various Guitar Center locations.
  10. Hi Pope, You've got a great guitar for Metal. You might want to think about changing amps though. The rectifier has a lot of gain but a very buzzy high end and loose/flabby low end. Check out the new Marshall JVM Series. You'll get all the gain you want but with killer tone as well. BTW, the secret to Iommi's heavy sludge tone is in using much less gain than one would imagine. The secret is in the fingers, not so much the gear. Good luck!
  11. Well, I sold AL107 to huge Lifeson fan and feel really good about it. It was just sitting the case not getting played. My Al was perfect with no issues mentioned here, except of course the mis-placed volute. I have a 93 Tobacco Burst ES335 and an Alpine White Les Paul Custom to cover all the Rush tunes. The problem was AL was too nice to play and a good bit heavier than I like. I also prefer stop tailpieces. Give me 15 year, old worn in ES335 and I'm good to go! Gibson, thanks for taking a stab at the AL! It was fun!
  12. FWIW, my company just hired an ex Gibson employee who worked closely with the engineer who drew the specs for the Lifeson ES-355. This engineer has made some mistakes in the past, but they were all caught before the instruments went into production. He confirmed the volute was definitely misplaced, but Gibson doesnt want to do anything about it. Nice to hear it from the horses mouth. So, now you all know the truth and its just as expected.
  13. Enough with this volute crap already! Who cares!?! Other manufacturers put the volute in the same exact place. Here's a couple of new Ibanez models...
  14. Are all 2008 Custom Shop guitars pleked? What about the Lifeson? Doesn't feel like it. Thanks.
  15. Wow Sean, incredible Freewill cover!
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