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  1. For sure an LG 1 Nice guitar by the way, and cool to have an instrument with such sentimental value
  2. This one was offered for sale a while ago locally.... nice project? :))
  3. This my 54 175 and some other gibson toys
  4. congrats also on ur LG! Wont regret it so, just to be sure, 12s should be fine? I now have 11s and i am a bit worried to slam 12s on my 46 LG2....
  5. mob, this is a pile of scrap wood. will give you 20$ for each... thanks djeeee.... those are two nice guitars!!! previous estimation is about right.....
  6. Thanks a lot retro and jedz, will check it out and will come back to let you know how it went...
  7. Hi guys my lg 2 needs a new saddle, any suggestions where i can find them? I want ot buy online and then do the saddle shaoping myelf, but have difficulties in finding one to start working with... many thanks karl
  8. +1 and that is a bit the thing It is the same with those fender coronado's Nobody likes them, but how many have actually played one they say it doesnt sound like a gibson es 335, well that is correct, since they aren't gibson :) good thing is that like this they are still pretty cheap to get
  9. well, i have a 69 fender shenandoah, which is basically a kingman with a XII neck on it i play it as a six string and have to say, I enjoy it a lot These are very well made guitars although different then conventional acoustic guitars, and thats also how i treat it, as a different duck, not even start to compare it with my 46 LG 2 I will not do mine away quickly, i love the look and the sound of it (very dry sound and loud, atleast the one I have) i also have had a 69 newporter, well, i will not miss that one.... enough said :)
  10. very nice!!! What is teh story behind it? (cfr 33 years in storage)
  11. great guitar and what a story!!! I read most of that book on andy nelson... you already contyacted his nephew, would be nice to get hold of a nice copy of one of those pictures.... or something else of Andy.... it would make the guitar complete
  12. that was a nice song

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