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  1. No banjos have been made since some time before the Nashville flood. Mandos are being made in Montana I think. The Epiphone is an import nothing near a genuine Gibson Mastertone. Sadly, word is the true Mastertone ain't coming back to the banjo market. No priority considering the relatively low sales volume. Most are turning to domestic makers that make copies (uh tribute banjos)
  2. Do you possibly have a Bella Voice? http://www.earnestbanjo.com/gibson_banjo_TB-bellavoce_mastertone_0121-31.htm There is also this page with the list by Gibson banjo styles http://www.earnestbanjo.com/gibson_banjos_by_style.htm
  3. Didn't know if you knew about this but luthier Roger Siminoff has some info on Virzi products of the past on his site. He owns some of Loars personal instruments and I would think Roger is the authority on the subject. I don't know if they are being reproduced by anyone . Rogers sells parts on his web site also. http://www.siminoff.net/pages/virzi.htm
  4. Nashville Plating Service is a reputable shop that does specialty work on banjos. The're on the web. http://www.nashvilleplatingservice.com/ Check the history of your banjo, banjos are usually nickle plated not chrome. Some folks think chrome on a banjo makes it look like a bathroom fixture. A Baldwin style C is actually a valuable, desireable banjo. Finally, replacing the bracket hooks for about a buck a peice is probably better than replating. The nuts will be OK. Good luck.
  5. THE RB 250 has the tailpeice of the ones built from about 1970 to the early eighties, does it have two legs on the arm rest? The 70's RB250's also had tube and plate flanges. The brackets hooks go through a nickle plated tube above the stamped flange. The serial number was usually staped on the back of the peghead on those banjo. It is on the inside of the rim and often hard to read on later ones. You can also try asking about the Dobro at the Reso hangout http://www.resohangout.com
  6. It looks like a nice old Dobro. Try here http://www.resohangout.com/ You will find many resonator guitar specialists there.
  7. Bluegrass, followed by oldtime hardcore country like Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams, after that country rock from the 70's.
  8. Gibson banjos have a serial number stamped on the inside of the rim. That will date your banjo. The carving on the back of the resonator is not original to Gibson. The above poster is right they can ID it at the Banjo Hangout under the Collector's forum topic area. Especially with the serial number.
  9. I would check with Greg Earnest, he is very helpful and a nice guy. This is his web site http://www.earnestbanjo.com/ Also try the Collector's Corner forum section at the Banjo Hangout http://www.banjohangout.org/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=17 Not to take away from this great web site here. But if you don't have any luck those resources might come through.
  10. This may help http://www.banjophiles.org/SerNumData/Indexofserialnumbers.html Also here http://www.banjophiles.org/SerNumData/BowtieEraGibsons.htm
  11. Great job and you state an excellent case for a Gibson electric five string. Well done.
  12. Hi Boog from a fellow BHO friend. I think you have a great idea. There would be a niche market for it in some contemporary bands. I know you could make good use of it from some of your recordings I have listened to. Take care.
  13. Greetings Sideways, I pick a Gibson 5 string down here in SW Florida. Welcome.
  14. In 1976 I bought a "Ventura" 6 string acoustic new for $29. This was my first acoustic guitar.
  15. If no one helps you might try The Mandolin Cafe web site. I can't help as I play banjo and am not up on my mandolins.
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