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  1. Nope, just aJanglebox will NOT work. You need to be able to split coils, for tapping, just for starters, and reverse the position of the octave & lower strings (Rics have the octave first, Gibsons the lower first). Basically, a lot of mods for the SG-12 to even approximate a Ric. For a couple hundred bucks more, I found a used Ric 360-12, in mint condition, in FireGlo finish. I tried the SG-12 every which way, but it does not, and will not sound like a Ric without serious mods. The store took it back, full refund. IMO, the Diamond Compressor BLOWS away the JangleBox by the way. Th
  2. Captain Cook, I'll bet you the ones that please your ears most are made in one place - America.
  3. I buy American guitars for one reason only: they are the best guitars in the world, and that's the way it should be with everything. The consumer will speak, and eventually, economies will recover, jobs will come back. I remember when Hewlett-Packard brought out its first scientific, made-in-America calculators, back in the 70's. They were three times the price of their competition, but were the best selling calculator in the world - a unique, quality product, that you had to line up to buy. It used to be that way with blue jeans, too. If we blindly buy American, though, we are not encourag
  4. Are the pickups "splittable" in the first place? If so, I don't mind adding a toggle switch to the guitar, if it gets me closer to a Ric sound, that's an easy mod. If not splittable, then it requires a different set of pups, and that's a whole new complication.
  5. Damn, pity you did not make a few sound clips. I'm hoping that I can use the SG-12 to "emulate" a Ric 360/12, hopefully with EQ tweaks, because we only have a few songs in the set lists that need a -12 currently. I cannot justify dropping three grand or so on a Ric. I did try the Epiphone double-neck, and that 12 string section will work for me, so I am hopeful that the SG-12 single neck is about the same, or similar. Anyone that owns an SG-12, please post a few sound clips. Much appreciated.
  6. Has anybody seen or heard a demo of this beast? I've ordered one from a local dealer, on the understanding that if I don't like it, I get $$ back, but would like to hear some demo tracks. Anybody have a link or two to share? Cheers
  7. If anyone is interested, the app I use on my iPhone (iPod Touch) is RTA Lite (Real Time Analyser). Pretty good little app, and free - also useful when you want to check your band's sound spectrum, make sure the EQ is balanced. etc. Larry
  8. I have a FLAWLESS Epiphone LP, made in Korea, better build quality than the -339, although it doesn't sound as good, of course.
  9. badbluesplayer - thanks for the pic, that's exactly what I'm going to do. I have the same color as yours btw - antique red. Nice!
  10. Thanks everyone, some good suggestions. I'll try sanding down a new bridge pickup ring. By the way, the tilting DOES affect levels. We measured them with a crude app on an iPhone, and the difference was measurable (normal vs taped parallel). So I have to believe that magnetism is closer to the strings, probably effects other things, slightly - intonation, tuning. Damned dumb design flaw, Gibson! Flipping the pickup ring (and pickup) is not a perfect solution for me - the PUP is just out of level, pointing the other way . Larry
  11. Folks I have a new-ish ES-339, bought a few months ago from a dealer here in Canada. I notice that the neck pickup does not lie parallel to the strings, but is angled upwards at the bridge end of the PUP. I checked a few other -339's at a dealer, and thet all seem to be the same. Looks odd ... don't think it affect tone, but it must be having some effect, since the front of the pickup is lower than the back. Other than putting some from of padding under the pickup, I cannot see a way to fix this little detail. My questions: Do any other -339 owners have the same "feature"? Can i
  12. Thanks folks. This has given me ammunition - I am more interested in exposing a crook than buying it, and their story still sounds fishy.
  13. Folks There is a Les Paul on Kijiji that is supposedly a pristine 1981 classic. I was wondering if any could tell from these pictures and advise me whether it is a fake or not? The pictures are in my dropbox, here are the links below. I've asked the seller for a COA or proof of purchase, and that's what got me suspicious. Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4 Image5 Image6 Image7 Image8 Image9 The ad is on the Toronoto Kijiji listings. Many thanks
  14. Damn ... not even a "good" fake. I saw LP and 335 copies in Shanghai a few years back that were damned good, almost cosmetically flawless, for under $150, which even included a ripped-off hardshell "Gibson Custom Shop" case. The sellers (at a flea market) even had a tube amp you could plug into and test the things - that's where the comparison ended, for me. Did not sound even remotely like Gibsons. This fake is terrible, not worth the price of firewood.
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