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  1. I finally took a stab in the dark and decided to get the Veneer. It is beautiful slightly bowed but thats something that a little steam cant fix. For those that are wondering in case you want to do this yourselves the ES/SG style head stock is larger than the Les Paul USA Lines (Smaller than the Les Paul Custom) however some shaving of the veneer is required. Ill post pics when the project is complete.
  2. Well that's what i'm still curious about. I just want to make sure that the veneer is the same size or larger than the Les Paul head stock. So if there is anyone out there with an SG and a LP that can compare the 2 head stock sizes to see if they are comparable that would be great!
  3. I am buying one without tuner holes so I can place those myself. But yeah i thought it would be fun to do something different and make a unique Les Paul.
  4. Good afternoon all, I've recently broken and repaired my head stock on my 2018 Les Paul Traditional and the veneer got destroyed in the process. I plan on replacing the veneer and I have an opportunity to make it anything I want, I plan on putting the Crown Inlay Veneer found on SG's or ES's and was wondering if the head stock shape is similar or at least larger so I can trim it down. Thank you all for your help.
  5. Wow learned more about the guitar. The last four are 4099, and it's awesome to know that the Fingerboard and bridge are made of Ebony. She's a player and I look forward to doing some actual songwriting on this guitar. Thanks for your help! until then I shall save for my next investment which is a 60s Gibson Dove.
  6. According to the Gibson Serial number thing apparently the manufacturer code was Nashville... Unless Acoustics run a different set of Serial Numbers but it was my understanding they are all universally the same and its only the Custom Shop Models that have unique Serial Numbers. Also is it Ebony Fretboard?
  7. My lovely family, unfortunately, my Fender Strat and LP Custom are out on loan going on tour with a few friends traveling around California https://imgur.com/ganNgHD
  8. Also if anyone knows any hosting websites i can use to add images... the one i used was "not allowed" on the forums
  9. HNGD, I have been lurking for a while and normally hang out on the Epiphone Forums but I finally went out and bought me a long-awaited Gibson Songwriter. I was saving up for a while then I saw this gem on the Guitar Center used website for 1200 because of a previously broken neck. I gambled and it is a beautiful neck fix. I can barely see it and I don't feel it. Anyway according to the Serial Number this was built in 2004 at Nashville and I am staring down this fretboard hardcore and I can't tell if this is Ebony or darkened rosewood. Regardless of what it is I absolutely fell in love and will cherish this guitar!
  10. CB, I am actually really glad to hear that but i think im going to shoot for the 61 Reissue just because its been on my sights for a very long time and i want the real thing. SG Standard looks nice and has similar features as the 61 but its not the 61. I also like the minitune but it is by no means a deal breaker for me. Thanks for all the inputs :D
  11. well as i mentioned price does not matter but i do have a Cap, and that sits at about 1800 dollars. So that rules out Custom Shop SG's. I have 1 SG now and it became my beater guitar as upsetting as that is. I love my SG Standard a lot but i kinda just want a clean SG to keep and have my current standard to continue Gigging. How i came to those 2 guitars is simply the half bat wing. Not a lot of SG models that i looked at have this half bat pick guard and i guess its purely cosmetics im after at this point i already have a feel of how an SG plays and i absolutely love it. I guess the main question is how is Gibsons Quality in 2014 vs a known good 2008? Ive been doing a lot of reading and have been reading about Gibson's steady decline in quality as well as them using more then 2 pieces of wood to make SG's now etc a lot of myths and i dont believe them all but they sit at the back of my head.
  12. Hey All, I'm currently on the market to buy a new SG and I am tied between the 2 choices right now. 2014 Gibson SG Standard (because i hate the Les Paul signature on the 2015 models) or an old 2007-2009 61 Reissue. I like the way these both look because of the half bat pick guard and i also have read about some things about the new 2014 Models that kinda steers me away from them. I like the fact it has a Mini Tune and mentioned in a previous post i am going to possibly put that on my 2008 SG Standard if I acquire the 2014 SG. Ive been reading reviews that the 61 Reissue during that time frame were also solid guitars and were nearly flawless. I don't know I'm just rambling now but i am tied between the two price difference doesn't really affect me much (2014 being about 1,400 and 61 Reissue going from 1,100 ~ 1,500) Anyway if anyone can give me some inputs on both these guitars if you happen to own them both it would be greatly appreciated Picky Pick
  13. I have a curious question. I have a 2008 Gibson SG Standard that has been well to put it nicely "Building Character" going gigging and what not. What i want to do is buy another SG (loved that half batwinged pick-guard) and seeing these things don't come without the Mini Tune and swap them on the guitars. I want to make my Gigging guitar my gigging guitar and since i do switch the tunings around quite frequently, and also seeing that this contraption actually works, i was wondering if the tuning pegs are the same distance apart and have similar dimensions to make the swap possible, or is additional drilling required. I'm not trying to turn this into a project just a quick swap. :D
  14. I dunno i like the E Sonic 2 and the Nano MAG... it works very well on my EJ 200 ce... the tuner works, the pickups well they work im not sure what an acoustic pickup is supposed to sound like but it is responsive.
  15. OK.... so i visited guitar center today... they didnt have the Dove in stock but they did have 3 hummingbirds in stock and all in the backroom, in their box, unopened, and untouched by other wandering hands. Strings on the guitar were Gibson 12 gauge but which set i have no idea but it sounded good. I was going to order the dove into the store but then one more thing completely hit me that made me get it and it was the finish. The sound was excellent and after i change the Nut and Bone as i did with my EJ 200 EC it should sound much better, the feel was amazing i love the neck it was great smooth all the way and it wasnt uncomfortable to play the body size takes a bit of getting used to since ive been playing only jumbos recently but thats not a problem. The finish on this thing though was amazing i loved the red sunburst on the guitar its stunning i already have a natural finished guitar (my EJ) and i thought well this guitar is pleasing to my ear really lights me up so i caved and got the hummingbird right on the spot. perhaps if the Dove had a red sunburst finish i may have waited around but according to the assistant and many people on mylespaul forums they say there are subtle differences between the 2 instruments, the Dove being a bit brighter, so i went for it ^_^ very pleased cant wait to go pick it up. Couldnt take it home yet as i didnt want to spend another 30 somewhat dollars on a temp soft case i have a dreadnought hard case at home already so i decided to pay and have it put it away until i can pick it up (also dont want to carry it in a box... NYC Subway can be reckless and i wouldnt forgive myself for having the guitar get hurt cause the lack of protection. :D
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