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  1. Well no... the repairs by themselves would cost about $150, cause he has to quite literally gut out the entire guitar and replace all the wires that got burned and possibly replace the burnt potentiometers, then i asked to do the modifications that i wanted to do, putting in the new pickups, thats 60 bucks. As for the set up it was kinda sketchy which costs $50... i mean he did say that he has to adjust the pickup height for max power since its a pickup reinstall, and i decided to do the neck as well maybe he can get it to feel better its been a while since i had the neck adjusted. Anyway i'm still going to carry forth in doing the complete Gold SG.
  2. I did go to my Local Guitar Center seeing its the closest music store... and not to mention they have the largest selection of gibsons ive ever seen... and im not partial to the studio the no binding really makes a difference feeling the fret edges, but im sure ill get used to that... as for the neck itself a few of them did have a good feel and a few of them were far to thin and far to thick... so now to budget out my money and go out and get one of these (Gibson SG is undergoing a repair thats quite costly, under the SG thread)so now i have to carefully split my money... joy
  3. Well i went to the local Guitar Center and i was pleasantly surprised that the local Tech there isn't a Guitar Center Employee but an ACTUAL Tech from a different company... apparently GC and Raritan Bay Guitar Repair formed some deal so their techs do the work... its nice now i don't get some shotty work :) anyway the total rewire is going to cost me about $260 for labor and a setup... and yes my friend is paying half of that although he should be paying all of it...
  4. well its good to know it wont cost me Millions to fix that... anyway ill be putting up pics a few days from now depending on how long the tech takes to get it done
  5. Right well the story goes i was trying to imagine what the SG Standard in heritage cherry would look with gold parts... and i liked the idea it was unique from other standards and stood out, i was also getting tired of the pickups i wanted to put in something lighter so i had a spare Burstbucker 2 and 57 Classic Plus in gold so i might as well?... i decided to also upgrade the pots to 500k Audio taper... i dont like my volume control being a linear since i do use it alot (with little success i might add)... right now on to the part with my friend being an arse... he said he is very capable of doing this job and i thought well might as well save a couple of bucks and gave it to him... quite literally the next day he calls me and says hes stumped and returns the guitar... i look at it all seemed normal the pickups are in the pickguard slots... until i open the back plate where its just a wired mess he hasnt even bothered to solder the bridge pickup to anything (which would make it easier the unfortunate tech that has to fix this) anyway that was my fault for even putting a shred of faith in him with an expensive guitar lesson learned... anyway how much would it generally cost to rewire the entire guitar with the mods i want new pots and pickups (possibly new Caps ans wires seeing it looks like he burned through it via Iron) obviously i have all the parts already so how much is repair and upgrade mods?
  6. Yeah, i get that alot from alot of my band mates that say the same thing... fact of the matter is i'm not a rich person, i got this custom through alot of work I've always desired owning a custom... but if i break the custom cause of some drunken accident, such as strat-o-steve's examples... then ill never be able to play her again... of course i'm going to play this guitar alot in the studio but i just don't think its worth risking... its a once in a life time thing for me right now... and i rather not let go of that "One"... perhaps something good happens to my wealth in the future then ill probably be more open about playing my Primary guitars on stage... but until that point i just want to keep it safe :)... back to the matter at hand... so the Studio is a good replacement its not expensive compared to the Trads and Standards (which i also thought about but too damn expensive and ill end up babying that too, which is utterly useless) and with the right pickups and the right model it Should sound like a Custom... so now i have to hunt for a Maple Capped, Mahogany Bodied, ebony fretboard studio with pickup mods to 57 plus and 57 classic (pickups i can do myself)... the hunt begins! Oh! and about the Studio Faded... for some reason i really have an itch for Faded guitars... i like my guitars to be sparkling new and watch it age its also why i hate those Fender Road Worn guitars... i don't know just something about it watching a guitar go from brand shiny new and maybe 20 years from now it would get duller have marks each one with a story behind it etc... guess its just who i am :)
  7. well tuners and stuff like that don't really matter to me seeing a couple of bucks could replace those but the one thing thats not replaceable is the neck profile and body, so far all i know is that studios are all mahogany (maybe not all) and a Les Paul has a maple cap with a mahogany body... a thin maple cap shouldn't make too much of a difference in sound? as for the neck profile ill look around music stores and find one that fits my hand... if Gibson's necks are still hand made that means they all differ ill find one that feels good to me
  8. Hi, I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom at the moment and i'm going to start gigging soon and knowing how rough of a player I am and the fact with a tight stage my custom just wont last and pretty much self destruct on stage with my assistance... i also tend to Baby my Custom alot i do play with but rarely i tend to use Epiphone when i'm gigging. Anyway although i'm a very avid Epiphone Collector its not giving me that full fill and i'm on the prowl of a new guitar... so far the studio got my attention and i wonder how good these Les Paul's are, i have nothing against them but nor do i have nothing for them I've never played a Studio i do like the way a few of them look, and i know the 2000 somewhat price difference means theres a drastic difference (or not maybe Customs are just over priced i don't know) anyway how Drastic are those differences? I plan on Reversing what Gibson Intended to do with the Studio... use my Custom in the Studio a safe none damaging environment... and have my Studio go on stage and be the star (and be the star i mean take the abuse the custom is supposed to be taking) :) anyway as soon as i get the guitar i plan on immediately sticking the 57 Classic Plus in the bridge and 57 Classic in the neck (my theory in this is get the pickups the Custom has and it will sound close). Anyway any Studio owners throw in your 2 cents, whats it like to live with on a daily basis, how does the tuning hold up, any problems or annoyances that occurs? anyway thats pretty much it :)
  9. actually my AE used to be a functioning guitar and still is occasionally but ever since i bought the Epiphone SJ 200 CE i used it less and less and decided to turn it into my high school memorabilia and got my teachers to sign the guitar :)
  10. actually i misread that... i thought i posted this thread in the wrong section, but i did as you requested now my lil collection is up on that thread too :)
  11. sorry bout that how do you move threads?
  12. sorry that took so long... i had to go out and buy a new camera and figured out how it works and i like the results, its not pitch black like ebony but a very dark deep rosewood texture.
  13. My fleet of guitars and the newest member of the fleet the Epiphone Sheraton II made in 2005 in Samick i believe. Left to Right: Gibson Les Paul Custom 1968 Reissue, Epiphone Sheraton II, Fender MIM Stratocaster, Epiphone Casino, Gibson SG Standard Bottom 2 Acoustics: Ibanez AE Acoustic, Epiphone SJ 200 CE
  14. this sounds like that Sam Ash deal... the "Factory Second"... buy a guitar with 1/3rd the price of a new one for little dings and cosmetic issues that supportively doesn't affect the playability and sound... i think they either put Factory Second or something stamped on the back of the head not entirely sure though
  15. you could always just send it over to Gibson/Epiphone see what they would do about it... although proabaly send it back saying its not a problem or something along those lines
  16. actually it all dried up fine and after i dried it up i put on Dunlop Fretboard Conditioner 02 and that pretty much sealed the deal... the fretboard leaves off no black residue on my fingers what so over... for the people that complain about the black residue i think they over looked that last step or made a mistake by not wiping off the excess properly or something like that... anyway fretboard is now darker and i like the results, thats my story :)
  17. after experimenting with my EJ200CE... i got better results then i expected... i didn't get my target black but i got a deep rich dark brown rosewood which is an AWESOME look... ill just stick with that instead cause i still see the grain and the streaks... and its very dark so in certain lighting conditions it would give off that black look or in very white lighting situations you see a dark brown just love it... used the Minwax Ebony stain pen.
  18. actually just for fun i got my Epiphone EJ 200CE and decided to trying "ebonize" it with Minwax Pen in Ebony... cant wait to see what it looks like after it dries... and then finish it with 0000 grade steel wool and Dunlop 65 fretboard conditioner #2 :D... ill put up some pictures
  19. haha well actually the only thing that actually got modified on that guitar is the pickups (hence the chrome pickup covers) and the machine heads... everything else is standard... this guitar is the Epiphone Les Paul Custom "Chromed" Limited Edition... i speak loosely when i say Limited Edition... anyway yeah :P machine heads, pickups... and hopefully the Ebony fingerboard effect thing. hey this was an awesome read... the first time i actually came across a very VIVID instruction on how to dye the fretboard... now with a bit of confidence because of the instruction i might just give this a stab... first i may go buy a Fender rosewood fingerboard just to get the feel of how to do it (practice is always significantly more difficult then reading instructions)... then try it on the real thing... anyway thanks a million for that Animalfarm
  20. for the amp troubles i have no idea... so i wont wander into that territory... as for which of the hollow bodies is best... it largely depends on his playing style... the Casino is a full hollow body, and the Dot and Sheraton are Semi Hollow bodies... the way i see it the Sheraton II is the supped up version of the Dot... more frills in the Sheraton II but i believe they use the same pickups (even perhaps the same woods)... GENERALLY (don't take me out cause of this) the hollow body Casino is great for Jazz and Blues and obviously covering various amounts of Beatles songs... and the Dot and Sheraton can be used pretty much in any genre of music: Blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Metal (to a certain extent) the Semi Hollows are just more agile than the Casino is. my opinions aside you should ask your friend to go visit a music store and develop his own opinions... which does HE thinks plays best? sound best? which genre fits the best? as for what i prefer? i own all 3 :P The Casino in Cherry (original), Sheraton II in ebony (Burst Bucker 2's in the bridge and 57+ Classic in neck), and the Dot Deluxe original :P i just love double cutaway hollow bodies...
  21. I realize that this topic is a very controversial one within the guitar world. Many people absolutely hate this idea and many love it... but i tend to have a liking to it... i love the look of the Ebony Fingerboard on my Gibson LP Custom, and i have an Epiphone LP Custom that has rosewood and it seemed something was missing of course when i put it right next to the Gibby the first thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is the fretboard being rosewood... so now i'm VERY interested in Ebonizing after finding an article on it somewhere (forgot where). i realize that it wont feel like ebony and its for cosmetic purpose only but hey thats what i'm shooting for... a hell of alot easier then ripping off the fingerboard and putting a ebony one on... anyway has anyone ever done this? and if so is there some type of instruction to it or do i just smack on the stain and take off the excess? any proper steps and warnings i have to look out for (I've already got the taping part down so...) anyway thanks for the help :) here are the 2 of them side by side hopefully most of you see what i see (and i'm not saying its a flaw i like the rosewood its nice but it just doesn't fit on the LP Custom look... on a G400 or something else it looks brilliant but not the LP Custom copies) and if not thats ok too maybe its just my own eyes and they way i view guitars
  22. actually that suggestion about plumbers tape was brilliant... i took the strings off and tried it although it required a little trial and error i didn't want to put too much to a point where it was going to get jammed but not too little where it still wiggles... nonetheless! it was a great fix now the bridge is actually stable under tension or not under tension :D thank you for that
  23. http://www.guitarcenter.com/TonePros-Metric-Locking-Tune-o-matic-Tailpiece-Set--large-posts--102918539-i1128056.gc this set usually works for me i replaced almost all my Epiphone parts (except Casinos) to these they always seemed to fit, and if they don't i just go buy the standard set (http://www.guitarcenter.com/TonePros-Standard-Locking-Tune-o-matic-Tailpiece-Set--small-posts-notched-saddles--105294722-i1128052.gc) and drill larger holes to accommodate the Standard set :D
  24. Well the thing is, its not the actual wheel thats loose but the entire post all together... the Whole posts move 1 degree either direction... so i may have to find new posts that fit inside the slot but right now its ok the string tension is keeping it in its place just when i get new strings its going to move around and im going to either 1) readjust it after the strings are tensioned or b just replace the post and bridge all together... now seeing this is a completely hollow body guitar im assuming its not going to take any bridge like the Nashville tune o matic or TBR 1 style bridges... in fact what im curious about is whats holding this bridge up from completely imploding my guitar? are there 2 wooden struts underneath thats holding up the bridge?
  25. I actually figured out a problem, but it seems that every time i figure out a problem another one arises which is becoming annoying. Anyway the way i solved the first problem was the bridge was actually tilted back (towards the input jack) about 1 to 2 degrees... i straightened it out and the entire Bass side of the strings were now within reach of being intonate, and of course in the process the Treble strings also lost their intonation (if that makes sense) but they were also easy to intonate again. Anyway the 2nd problem is, is the bridge SUPPOSED to be that loose, that it could shift 1 or 2 degrees either direction? Its an old 2003 Made in Korea (Peerless) Casino... perhaps the factory or that time era something was up with the bridges?
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