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  1. That would be easy for me to say, when I have one in my basement music room. I understand the frustration.
  2. Get you a 60's tribute Les Paul and a old Fender deluxe twin reverb amp!
  3. Amen. That is why I gig with a 1966 Slingerland kit, while my top of the line kits sit at home!
  4. I just emailed Gibson, so I guess we will know straight from the source!
  5. Who died and made you the Gibson expert? Chill out!
  6. My reading skills? Grow up! That is what I heard, so be it, but being a smart as& does not make you look very mature!
  7. That is all fine, but It is still NOT a real Gibson Les Paul. And that is your opinion about it besting the Gibson.
  8. No way. The fit and finish on my 2 piece is excellent. And a late build date.
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