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  1. Thanks, Jeff. Will definitely compare it with the Rare Earth Blend and the others.
  2. Indeed....depends on the Brazilian.
  3. It would be my first choice, but Collings glues in the strap button, so I hear its a bit of a job to get it out. Other than that i wouldnt mind the vintage jack with the smaller input
  4. Thanks for the replies. Rare Earth Belmd is now in the mix.....
  5. Hi, I just acquired an amazing Collings OM42 Brazilian/ Adi. Although I use my SWD live, Id like to plug in the Collings at home through my Fishman Loudbox Artist. . I don't want to drill the Brazilian! I'm looking at the Baggs M80 and the K and K Meridian Pro. The Baggs fits in the soundhole and the K and K is a clip on mic. Anyone have experience with these? Thanks in advance....
  6. I have the same system on my SWD Standard. I also have the same amp! I usually keep the mix a bit more toward the pickup sound rather than the modeling sound. So, I keep the slider to the left about a quarter slide (from the players perspective). I don't know if the they still use the same 4 models, but I usually default to the first one. Playing live, though, I've used the others as they have given a more natural sound depending on the room. The biggest difference so far for me has been the purchase of a Mogami gold cable - guitar input (quarter inch) to XLR. Worth the 50 bucks. A
  7. In place of using a guitar cable - 1/4 inch to 1/4 inch......use 1/4 inch to XLR (commonly scene on microphone cables)....and plug into the mic input....i found a huge difference....ready to go out and spend $50 on a high quality cable. Definite difference in sound quality in comparison
  8. Probably coming across as such an amatuer here, but I recently connected this cable from my SWD Standard straight to the board and, wow, what a huge difference in sound. Much cleaner and sweeter. I know Taylor owners need to use this cable with the expression system, but I thought it made a huge difference with my Fishman Aura Ellipse. If you haven't given it a try, highly recommended!
  9. Right on, Tarrr. Glad you weighed in. Hope I can afford upgrades like alpine spruce or the Vintage neck....it gets pricey
  10. Thanks for link...I'll check it out...
  11. Yes! Saw it and also like the idea of a deep body OM. The DH2 examples on youtube by soundpure really inticed me......I'll be trying them out at Mandolin Bros. It looks like they have a very good selection.....I'd love to A/B em Wow the Om's a great strummer too!
  12. Thanks for the insight. Ahhh.....focused, nice separation and....it's got power. I think the tummy rumble feeling and power are not the strong suits of my SWD. Great review...cant wait to try it
  13. Got it, thanks. I know that AJ low end. Sounds like a great combination.....
  14. Great. Thanks for the educated reply and very helpful link. I'm checking them out this week. I'll post back with impressions
  15. Serious case of NGD. I'm zoning in on this one and was wondering if any one has tried it and what your impression was. Thanks!
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