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    New here too. Wow there's an echo.....................lol
  2. I don't have mine yet, it's on order. But I would guess that dropping it 2 whole steps doesn't allow enough tension for the unit to read the string.
  3. I guess admins will boot me now. Thanks for nothing
  4. Listen pal. Part of the joy in loving guitars is to discuss them. Like I said, I already searched. If you don't wish to participate in the discussion - then don't. I am a long time member of another guitar forum and I can't stand it when someone tries to be thought police, judging people who may or may not know the answers or where to look. It's arrogant to say the least. If this topic isn't up to your standards you don't have to read it. No one made you.
  5. The weight relief on mine, is it possible that they didn't relieve as much back then ('94) The Vint Mahogany ones at GC are very light. But that's a whole 'nuther story too. I was told those are made especially for GC and MF.
  6. Along that line, I was wondering then. If it isn't thicker than some and it is weight relieved, why so heavy? Is it because the lighter weight mahogany is used on the higher end models? I ask because I read a review on the Traditonal and it said that light weight mahogany is getting hard to come by. And that's why the weight relief. Thanks for the answers. I'm sure I'll have more (noob8-[ ) Oh, also, what effect does the ebony board have on the tone. I only have ever had rosewood and maple.
  7. Hey all, I can't find out anything about my new (used ) Studio. I have checked high and low. I wanna find out all I can about it. It's a '94, wine red with an ebony board. I know, they had stopped using ebony by then, but you know Gibson8-[ What I wanna know is, what is the standard thickness of the bodies on these? Mine is a hair over 1-3/4" thick. I'm guessin that's the regular thickness. I'm curios tho because I did a setup some time ago on a kid at church's Studio (it was the model with the flame top, dark burst) I didn't recall it being as thick and heavy as mine. It is around a 2000 model. Mine weighs a ton! No weight relief on this bad boy. I love it. When you pick it up you know you've gotten ahold of a real ax. Also curious, did all the Studios have nitro finish as well? Is ther a site that has everything about Les Pauls and Gibbys in general? Thanks in advance bob
  8. Wow! Elitists are the high end Epis. Jap made I think.
  9. On that note. I have a Peavey tube amp. It just breaths. Any solid state amp I've had, as good as some of them were, were fake sounding to my ear. I use a GT 8 in front of the Peavey now. It's digital. But the amp is tube. In my limited experience running it into a tube amp sounds very "real". I've tried it in front of SS amps and it doesn't sound good at all. IMO. Nothing against modelling amps. But I haven't found on I liked. The only one that I did hear that I liked was the Line 6/Bogner hybrid. But It sounded good to me I suppose because of the tubes. There's just something better about old school stuff Great topic
  10. I like you assessment of the sound gets bigger. Good description
  11. If you're comparing anything to a LP then yea, it probaly won't sustain as well. But to use pitiful to describe anything else just isn't really fair IMO. It all depends on the body and the bridge. I've got a Jackson DKMGt that's got the same bridge and is strung through the body. It doesn't sound the same a s a LP but that's just because it's alder and not mahogany/maple. But it sustains great. On the other hand I had a DKMG that had a FR trem. Same in every other way as the DKMGt but the bridge was different. It had sustain but didn't sound good compared to the other one, so I sold it. Another guitar I have is a Charvel Model 3a. Basswood. It has the Jackson JT6 (which is brass) Tremolo blocked for dive only. The blocking also makes the sustain block in contact with the body for better tone/sustain. Man, when you play this bad boy you can actually feel strongly the vibrations from the strings in your stomach. it almost tickles. It has sustain plus.... Kramer F3000, all maple body, rosewood board. Floyd rose blocked also. It's the loudest unplugged guitar I own. I'd have top say compared to my Les Paul it's louder. Now for a standard vintage trem guitar (sort of, it's got the 2 piont Fender trem on it). A 2006 deluxe strat. Ash body, rosewood board. It sustains as well as most of my guitars. No loss of sustain on this one either One more and I'm done. Kramer F1000. Floyd Rose Original. Not blocked. It has a Duncan Alan Holdsworth pickup in it and if you closed your eyes you'd swear it was a Les Paul (well, close - lol) To me it's a mixed bag. I openly accept all forms of guitar. They all were all designed for a reason and I want to play all of them.
  12. ;) Thanks for the info Either way I can't complain. The thing is almost mint, comes with a hard molded cese (I know it's not the original), and that pedal. And I got it for wait for it....................................... $650 cha ching=d> !!!! I can't wait till it gets here. Never owned a Gibby Les Paul but I always like the look of a Studio the best
  13. Hello, I joined a few days ago and was waiting until my guitar arrived to post. But some questions have arisen since then. So, what Im trying to find out is information on the Les Paul Studios made in '94. I won one on ebay a couple days ago and when I posted it on another forum a member pointed out that it looked like an ebony board. I've been told that by '94 they were rosewood. But I'm wondering if maybe it was a special run with ebony and maybe even a thicker body. I've searched about the Centennial Models, but this one isn't called that. It doesn't have the Orville Gibson coin on it, nor can I tell if the Studio was included in the "Centennial" line. I'm just trying to find the specifics about it. In '94 the serials started with 94 and then 6 digits It's wine red. Does that model have a maple top? Sure looks like ebony to me
  14. This may sound out of the ordinary but I prefer the Studio looks-wise because I don't like binding. I guess years of Strats have ruined me:d/
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