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  1. Hi - does anyone know where I can get gold pickup mounting rings for an Explorer, aka Lzzy Hale Expplorer? Either Gibson or Epi parts. Thanks
  2. Nothing upside down about that beauty! Come on Gibson don't stop now, more please!!
  3. Well I am in Europe so that includes then. Information might be dopey but that is what they told me, believe it or not mate.
  4. Us lefties are dealt a bad deal, wherever you are. i've been playing over 30 years and yes it is better than it used to be, but it will never be as good as being right handed, for choice and availability. But lefty she is and yes of course you can get lefties over here. The links supplied are all good, guitar guitar are a good chain, but i would recommend you take her along to your nearest branch to test out a few. if this isn't a surprise that is. But if you prefer to buy blind, Thomann in Germany are very good. There's a 30 day return guarantee with them, so if you buy one and she doesn
  5. That link is interesting, thanks. I did enquire to Gibson Europe, finally got out of them which model tuners Gibson fitted to the 2013 Signature T Les Paul, and it was the 502 series, which I did suspect all along. That's good then. But Gibson have told me that not only would it invalidate the warranty, big deal, but also 'the model specifications change during the years, the tuner holes on MinETune models are drilled especially for accommodation this technology. Hence we suggested not changing the tuners.' Well I can take this one of two ways, either ignore it and go ahead. Or not
  6. No I don't think it's the 102 in chrome. They are locking rotomatics and have a 'thumbwheel', so looking at Grover's range, the 502 is the only one which fits this I believe.
  7. Yes you are right, it makes for a clean removal. Just that I want to replace with what Gibson originally put on the Sig T you see, thanks again!
  8. Thanks for that. But I can't see anyone knowing which model of Grovers they replaced with, but thanks.
  9. Hi - I'm replacing the MinEtune on my 2013 Les Paul Sig T, and I want to replace with Grover locking tuners as Gibson originally fitted on the Signature T's (the models without the MinEtune of course!). Does anyone know which model Grovers they were, I am thinking 502 in chrome, is that correct? Tulip style I believe. Thanks.
  10. Hi - had mine since last June, and absolutely love it. But LOVE the acoustic! Highly recommended. More than can be said for the Epiphone hardcase for it, the 940-EDREAD, I'm on my 2nd one, the handle brackets don't seem to be good on these.
  11. That's really lovely, thanks for sharing ...
  12. OK thanks for your replies, I contacted Epiphone and they confirmed the gauge as 12-52, which is fine so far. Will see how it goes as far as trying other makes.
  13. Hi - just picked up an Epiphone 'inspired by 1964' Texan acoustic lefty and wondering what gauge/make of strings they come with? I am guessing Gibson but not sure about the gauge, if any one can help - thanks
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