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  1. As far as I can tell your guitar looks normal. All of mine have a bit of a dome to the top. While this is normal up to a certain point, a large amount could be a sign of a problem. Matt
  2. +1 I could care less about which kind of spruce is on the guitar. I just pick the one that I prefer the sound of. AJ's are easily one of the most versatile guitars I have ever played. I used mine for solo work and I took it to loud bluegrass jams. It was great for it all. Matt
  3. Thanks. Didn't know that. Seems like a good J-50 should do the trick then. OP, are you just wanting a new guitar or does the J-50 not do what you want? I really love a good AJ. Mine was mahogany and sitka but was different enough from my southern jumbo that I really liked changing between the two. Neither get in the way of my vocals like a Martin style guitar. Matt
  4. My favorite AJ was a hog/adi custom I played a couple years ago. Fantastic guitar. That being said, if you want a guitar to back up vocals you might be better with a J-45 or J-35. Matt
  5. I'm bumping this up in the hope that someone might know of the video. Matt
  6. Hi everyone, If my memory serves me right someone posted a video of a cover of Shape of My Heart played on a vintage J-45 on this forum a while back. I just thought of it and would love to see it again. Anyone remember said video? It was with a whole group. Thanks in advance. Matt
  7. The pick you linked is made out of a material that may not flex at all. You may want to email the owner and check. Matt
  8. Charmed Life makes picks in the same material as Blue Chip but thinner. Matt
  9. Fair enough. Everyone's ear is different and so is their perception of $30ish being a crazy cost. I have a Wegen I can send you if you are interested. Teardrop shape in 1-1.2mm. Let me know. Matt
  10. I agree. For the price of a pretty good bottle of whiskey you can have a pick that lasts years. Have you tried any of the more expensive brands? Maybe they are actually really good. I use the faux shell picks listed above. Not because they are expensive (I'm just a guitar teacher that's also working his way back through college), but because they stick to my fingers better than anything else while also sounding great, in my opinion. Don't knock them if you haven't tried them. The Wegens aren't super expensive and might be an easier foray into the world of "expensive" picks. They h
  11. Also consider how they interact with your vocal range. Martin usually equals more oomph in the bass and that could interfere with your voice coming across clearly if you both share the same frequency. My voice gets lost when playing my Martin but sits well with my southern jumbo but that's just my voice.
  12. I absolutely can't stand elixir strings. Yes, the longevity is great but is sounding mediocre for a long time worth it? Every so often I'll throw them on my beater, campfire guitar but I find the Martin Monels to last almost as long and sound better. This is just my opinion of course. I know a lot of people really like them and I've liked the tone of players that use them. I've just never enjoyed them on my guitar. I really like the DR Rares and Martin Monels on my Gibsons.
  13. Thanks for the response. Your experience with Gibson mirrors my own. It took a long time for me to find one that I liked. It was between my SJ and a 45TV. The TV sounded great. Very dry and upfront. The SCSJ was the same but with more depth, bass and volume. It is one of the best modern guitars I've ever played. I have an AJ for sale that sounds incredible as well. I wish I could keep it but I need the money. I'm glad the SCSJ is getting the recognition it deserves. I haven't heard of a single person play one and not like it. Matt
  14. That pickguard looks great. I also have a SCSJ and love it. Did you mention where you purchased that pickguard?
  15. K&K Mini blended with an external microphone. In my experience, this is closer to a natural sound than any pickup on its own. The microphone doesn't even have to be that expensive. I use a Shure beta 57 or 58 and it sounds good.
  16. My vote is for the Martin. Those specials are absolutely fantastic guitars. I love the clarity they have.
  17. I prefer the sound of a Gibson guitar for bluegrass. I love the midrange warmth and roundness. That being said, most Gibsons don't seem to be loud enough or have enough cut in a full bluegrass group. My AJ does hold its own pretty well but my SJ gets absolutely buried in the mix.
  18. Maybe there is a chance Gibson doesn't want him to post here anymore? They could be worried it makes them look bad? Whatever it is, it's a loss to the forum as far as I can tell but I'm sure there is a lot more to the situation than we know.
  19. These are my favorite strings. I believe they are phosphor bronze. I use them exclusively on my SJ and AJ. I really like how they age and they seem to last a long time.
  20. I played one and it was easily in the top 3 of modern Gibson guitars I've played. Absolutely spectacular sounding.
  21. I wonder if I played the same J-45 as you at Music Villa. If so, it was a fantastic guitar. You might want to broaden your search to the J-45TV and the Sheryl Crow Southern Jumbo which were similar to the J-45 you liked. I prefer the SCSJ over the J-45 Sunset though. :)
  22. The Rares are my favorite strings on both my Southern Jumbo and my AJ. They last much longer than any other strings I've tried. Great warm, dry, clear tone and very easy to play.
  23. I use the same pick and I get them off of eBay. You can get them in a pack of 6.
  24. I thought I would chime in one this. My Sheryl Crow SJ also has the slotted bridge and I've tried at least 20+ sets of strings on the guitar. I also agree that it is the most impressive modern guitar I've ever played. For the most part I prefer lights on the guitar. The exception is when I tried a set of DR Rares in 13-56. These are supposed to be a bit less tension and have that amazing full, dry tone that I love about this guitar. I got a bit more volume but still have a very dynamic tone that works equally well with a pick and fingers. The only reason I put the heavier strings on was to try
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