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  1. What is Shrome?? I never heard of it before now.
  2. There's no buyer yet. I guess you'd call it extremely reliced. He must have taken his cue from Fender, i.e. Roadworn series.
  3. Not a silly question. I chose the Seymour Duncan SH2 jazz neck & the SH4 JB bridge & I'm very satisfied w/the cleans & overdrive tones I'm getting. The JB is actually higher output though. Other manufacturers have similar products. I'd say look for something w/vintage or PAF design in mind. My main complaint w/my 490r was that it didn't clean up as much as I wanted. Still, I wouldn't call it a bad PUP. Good luck.
  4. That's pretty much how I do it. I generally don't worry too much about releasing tension on the unwound strings, but it's probably not a bad idea to do it. Less stress on the saddle screws that way.
  5. I agree w/the wine red. In any case, it's the basic Studio model from 2005 w/an aftermarket truss rod cover. Nice lookin guitar.
  6. Hi fhallack, I would say if you want the variety, go for it. I've also got an LP Studio, w/the stock PUPs, & I've decided to take the plunge. I'm waiting for a set of the SD hotrodded pickups, also w/coil splitting capabilities. Previously, I was getting a rather muddy sound out of my 490r, so I did a magnet swap w/moderate success. Now I just want a cleaner neck pup. No doubt I'll do some experimenting w/the coductor wires as well. One thing I would suggest is to choose whatever pup suits you best. If you really like the 490r, go for it, otherwise you might want to consider something else. The market is just saturated w/choices. The other possibility is to just get yourself a Stratocaster, & then you'll have 2 cool guitars . Good luck
  7. Actually I did just that, but I DON'T recommend it. You could damage the nut. The best thing if necessary would be to bring it to a professional w/the proper files & gauges. You don't want to accidentally deepen the grooves or chip the nut. It's possible that all you'll need to do is lube the nut. If your strings are binding, try that first. Various things are used, graphite i.e. pencil lead, vasaline, even waxed dental floss. I use Fast fret, which is basically mineral oil on an applicator that's meant for cleaning & lubricating the strings & fret board. I dab it on the bridge & nut while I'm cleaning the strings. Works best for me.
  8. Agree, no big deal going from 10s to 11s. I did just that & back. All I had to do was relief & intonation adjustments. Also check that your heavier strings don't bind in the nut.
  9. When I was considering my first LP buy, I ended up getting the Gibson Studio. The sound & quality were better than any of the EPIs that I tried at the time. Never regretted the decision. Good luck
  10. If you put the strings on properly, i.e. tune & stretch tune & stretch a few times until they stay in tune, it won't take more than 24 hrs for the neck to adjust. Then set it up. cheers
  11. Lubricating the string contact points is just one of the things you need to do to maintain your guitar. No need to be worried or angry about it. I also had nut pings on my LP. I used pencil lead & it worked. Now I just use Fast Fret, which is mineral oil w/an applicator. When I clean my strings w/it, I also dab it on the nut & bridge saddles. Easy peasy. Haven't had problems scince. It could also be that the nut grooves are a bit narrow, but that also is very minor. It doesn't mean that the guitar is flawed. Knowledge is the best weapon. I suggest to learn how to do a basic setup yourself, it's not too difficult. & also to be able to detect more serious things even if you can't fix it yourself, you'll be less stressed for it, & you'll also save $$. Good luck.
  12. Hi leovan, So much for bias. :) You've got tons of great advice here. IMO, rather than having to choose between the LP & Strat due to finance, I would definitely recommend the MIM Strat & keeping the LP. You can always upgrade pups etc. later if you desire & still have invested less than an MIA Strat. Mine is an '07 model & is well made. I haven't made any mods to date. Some day I may swap the pups. In spite of the fact that it's a less expensive guitar, I play it a lot & enjoy doing so.
  13. The pics aren't great, but I don't see anything that makes me suspect it's fake. It looks like a slightly modded beaten Studio.
  14. +1 I didn't notice it was over a month old. If he hasn't come back yet, then he figured it out. Non issue.
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