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  1. Duncan suggested either the Seth Lover set or perhaps before they go out of production, the Bonamassa "Skinners". I have a set of those in my R9 (before they were called Skinners) and to my ears, produce some of the best tone I have ever heard, especially when push a little bit harder through my 50 watt Victoria. Add a little dirt and you're in hog heaven. Not really sure how they would come off in a 335, or if I can afford them. S
  2. The MHS is very smooth and vintage sounding - Like you, I do want just a touch more bit too. Not LP but maybe a 335 on a mini dose of go-juice. Gibson says they come with "BumbleBee" caps but I believe they are a inadequate Luxe knock-off. Cap job is in order. I have had Burstbuckers my Les Paul and they did sound very good. Of course being a totally different animal, I'm sure it will sound awesome. I've also heard good things about Classic '57's going into 335s. Think I'll go out on a limb and checkout some Seymour Duncan offerings. Have had really good luck with his gear. Thanks, S
  3. Thanks for your view! Anyone else??
  4. I just received a '59 ES-335TDN and she is beautiful looking, and for the most part, sounding. Working with all control settings, I am perhaps not totally wild about the tonality of the MHS pickups. I would love to hear from owners of said guitar and get some feedback. Thanks, Steve
  5. Hello KB, I would think your interpretation on your LP Traditional is pretty much correct - The T should be for Traditional and the LB is for Light Burst.
  6. Just thought I would add to this, late as it is: I just purchased a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Top with the model number: LPNSTDPTSCH1 That model breaks down as follows: LP = Les Paul N = Nashville STD = Standard P = Plus TS = Tea Burst CH = Chrome hardware 1 = First run (Not a second or not a Historic) FYI.
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