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  1. Right-on, right-on. Advice well accepted. Thanks much. Moore.
  2. I don't have the guitar yet. I'm deciding between the SS2F & the Demon. I asked about the strings because Ned-Steinberg's new CR-5-Radius bass guitars are all being delivered with flatwounds - so I'm not sure whether Gibson is doing the same with all their Steinberg products. So far, I'm leaning toward the SS-2F, so I appreciate your input about it.
  3. Did you buy your SS2F new? & if so, did it come with flatwounds?
  4. Does anyone know whether or not the Synapse-Demon comes from factory with flatwound strings ?
  5. Right-on, right-on. Ok then - I'll just buy the Synapse-SS-2F instead. Thanks much, I appreciate the advice.
  6. Someone please help me. I'm looking to buy a Demon-Transcale & I'm wondering if I will damage the instrument if I tune it up the same as a regular guitar - or will that make the strings too tight?
  7. Can the XS-1FPA 4-string be bought in fretless ?
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