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    Foot hills of the Ohio River in WV......Point Pleasant, WV
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    Rockin' & Rollin' on my Epi Les Paul Tribute Plus and Epi Dot-ES-335. They both play like butter but man, this LP.,w/its Gibson, American made '57 pups! I dare anyone to tell the difference between this Eppi and a Gibby!
  1. Epi Valve Standard...Serial num cant be IDed. Gibson says its not in their data base. The # is 05050778. Gibson says it makes no sense too them. Anyone???
  2. Epi Les Paul Tribute Plus....couldn't be more thrilled! Comes w/Grover Locking Tuners, American made electronics. Faded-Cherryburst finish. Plays like butter...Gibson USA made '57 pups. Screams!!!!

  3. Rockin' my Epi Tribute Plus

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