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  1. I just get in awe when I watch this guy play..
  2. Dallastx

    SG Sound

    The difference between my LP and SG. The SG has more character to its tone and the LP has more sustain... D
  3. Mahogany Rush....Frank had some sweet blues tones...
  4. Bad Finger Baby Blue. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C53QAuOoSgc
  5. Cool!! I named it the Toddenstein because my name is Todd and I replaced most of the hardware and electronics on/in it. D
  6. Yeah but it sounds and plays incredible!!
  7. Well... Gibson Electronics, switchcraft toggle. Gibson 57 Reissue in the neck, Dimarzio SDS1 in the bridge and a set of Gibson #35 Grover tuners. The action is better than my SG.
  8. I originaly was looking for a SG to accompany my Strat on Stage. I'm getting too old to hold my Les Paul and Telecaster for 4 hours plus a night. Once I played my Standard, I fell in love with it. When I first played it, I could hear every single note in a chord no matter which one I was playing. Bought it on the spot. D
  9. Wow Capmaster! If I owned all those axes, my wife would have gone.... HAHA! Cool! D
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