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  1. Serienummer dat begint met 00 is idd uit 1976. Verder zal de body uit 2 delen mahony bestaan (sandwich) en de hals van esdoorn met een voluut. Erg mooie en goede gitaar, wel behoorlijk zwaar maar massa is tone! Waarde ergens rond de 3200 euro en een leuke investering want ze worden in de toekomst waarschijnlijk meer waard.
  2. My Gibson Les Paul Special 1960 SC VOS Historic Collection, TV Yellow
  3. Hey, I think it's this one: http://archive.gibson.com/en-us/divisions/gibson%20usa/guitar%20of%20the%20week/lp_standard-week34/
  4. As far as I know LP5+ means: Les Paul 50's neck. The '+' just means that at the time of making it to that point, the finish (paint job) etc had yet to be decided. It isn't a 'plus' top. AV is the colour. I think A stands for "Antique" and V stands for "Vintage". By the way, its a very nice guitar!
  5. Looks like a Classic. The tuners and Pickups could be a classic, in that case the pickups are 496R and 500T ceramic high output buckers. But the inlay, tailpiece, bridge and serialnumber look like a standard or traditional. Did you look inside the guitar? What does it say when you take out the pickups?
  6. What's on your mind?

  7. Heb je foto's of een goede omschrijving, en het serienummer?
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