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  1. Oh one other thing. I only use the Bridge Pickukp on any guitar, so i had the switch and front knob removed, so i have the back knob has volume on/off for the bridge pickup . the other two pickups neck/center are not connected. THis prevents me from smacking my hand into that front knob. Also wiring this way with only one humbucker gives you the full tone it is capable of, without tapping off any power to the other pickups. Dont you smack your hand on that front knob when u strum? i did until i got rid of it.
  2. I play Death Metal Detuned to Bb, www.headtrauma.us I just replaced all my expensive bulky Jackson guitars with Steinbergers. I use a set of D/Addario 13-56 set, with a string adapter from www.guitarsend.com $40 US I dont use a trem, so mine stays locked all the time. I have no problem at all, but i am tuning down 5 frets on each string, so there is less tension. My 13s feel like your 10s just a whole lot lower. My Tuning is Bb Eb Ab Db F Bb You can also get your spirit converted to a hardtail. I am looking into this as i dont use trem bars at all. My two Steinberger spirit GT PRo Deluxs have very expensive pickups from "Lundgren" and "Bare Knuckles UK" These guitars are all i play now. Comfortable, portable, reliable, damn cool looking, and sound amazing with the Top of the line Pickups. Get a string adapter, and leave your trem locked, you won't have a problem using higher guage strings. Cheers, Phantom.
  3. I have purchased the Spirit GT PRo Deluxe HSH configuration. I play extreme Heavy Metal and i tune way low. This usually causes problems with Standard guitars in holding intonation and tuning. My spirit with the string adapter holds 13 / 56 guage tuned to Bb Eb Ab Db F Bb I beat on this guitar all the time and it never goes out of tune. The sustain is better than my $700 bold on jacksons. I was so impressed with this little guitar, i also purchased the Spirit XT 25 5 string bass. it also kicks some serious A#$ The only thing you have to do to these guitars is replace the pickups with something good "Passive" I used "Bare Knuckles" pickups but you could use Lundgren or Dimarzio or Duncan as well. The Bass pickups are good right out of the box. With the expensive Bare Knuckles Pickups www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk the guitar sounds like a million bux and never EVER EVER Goes out of tune.
  4. I have been searching for days now trying to figure out if i need a F-Spaced or G-Spaced pickup for the Bridge position. Does anyone know which type line up with the strings on a steinberger spirit GT Pro Deluxe? The scale is 25/5, which would suggest floyd spacing, but Gibson owns the company now they make spirits, so perhaps they are Gibson spaced? Anyone, anyone?
  5. Greetings, my name is Desmond and i play in a Heavy Metal band called Head Trauma www.headtrauma.co I usually play Jackson King Vs that use 13-56 set of strings tuned down to Bb. I recently purchased a new 5 string bass "Spirit-5" and absolutely love the sound and playability. I thought i should get their guitar "Spirit GT" as well. But i was dissapointed when i realized that they dont make Double ball strings in 13-56. Thats when i saw the Synapse SS guitar, which looks a lot like the spirit accept for the heftier price tag. Supposedly it takes regular strings as well as double ball, so maybe i could use it. The question is, can this guitar handle Single ball 13-56 without string slippage. If it can, then i am goint to purchase the Synapse soon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry i am new to these cool guitars, and love them so much i want to replace my Jackson Fleet.
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