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  1. Hello folks as I have said in the past on this forum I love my Epiphone 335 I have not played any other of my guitars since I bought the thing 3 weeks ago. Today I found for sale 1x1988 Gibson es335dot I have spent the last 4 hours playing the two guitar. (not at the same time) I think the Fenders days are numbered. please see avatar for new 335 yes I know it's a horrible colour.
  2. I folks I picked up this 1988 ES 335 dot (please see avatar) can anybody tell me what the colour is called. It looks brand new the last owner must have never taken it out of the case.
  3. Hello folk. I am thinking of buying one of the above. I have made some space under my stairs for my Fender bliues delux and thinking of using the epiphone amp around the house. (fender for giging only) I was just wondering what amp junior or special . What your opinion.
  4. My maim amp Is a Fender Blues Delux 40 watts the volume gose up to 12 but I have never had it above 4 at gigs and never above 1 at home. [/img]
  5. Woko


    Nice guitar that icon.
  6. Hello all .I was down the music store again today looking at some Gibson machine heads (tulip type I think they are called) and thought to myself they would look nice on my es335 dot(epiphone). question 1,Do you think they will make the guitar stay in tune better ? question 2, Will they fit the Epiphone head stock o.k ? question 3, Has anyone tried this / any problems after fitment ! question 4, At £40 ($78) do you think they are worth the asking price ? ta woko.
  7. Seems like a bargain to me and His loss. I would keep both if it were me I payed £400 for my Les Paul Studio (cherry with gold pick ups)and I havent stopped smilling since.
  8. Hello Folks. I have been having fun on the epiphone forum site for a couple of weeks now after buying a es335 dot(Epiphone) but you know what I also own a Gibson Les Paul. So I will say Hello to all at the Gibson forum as well.
  9. Woko


    Hello and welcome I'm new to the forum myself and have been made very welcome I dose help if you can put pictures on so we can all see your new Guitar.
  10. Thanks folks I do enjoy setting my guitars up even setting up the intonation The only thing I have a problem with is fret dressing I would love to have a go but no bottle stops me. As for my original post I just thought that they would set up a gibson to be at least playable condition. If I worked in a guitar shop all the guitars would be set as good as they could be. ha ho
  11. Hello All. as I have said on this forum in the past I am in love with my Epiphone Es335 dot in the 9 days I have owned the guitar I have not touched my other guitars and I have some fab equipment. I bought the Es335 from a big U.K. music store chain called Dawsons. The guitar was on the wall waiting to be played. The set up was crap you could have cut chess on the fret board and the neck was too straight, and the strings were horrible. This guitar was for sale at £229.00 about $450.00 to are cousins over the pond. After a couple of hours work at home and a set of new Ernie Ball's the guit
  12. Sorry I can not remember since I bought my dot all my other guitars have not seen the light of day. But one thing I will say is I feel when I play my dot I have to play it if you know what I mean. As in I do not need to think about what I am doing On my strats teles ect but do on the dot.
  13. I would recommend e-bay I buy and sell all the time and have picked up a couple of bargains! But beware put your reserve at the lowest price you want on two occasions I have picked up top end guitars for daft money.
  14. Thanks folks for your replys. the amp started to distort last week in the second half of a gig when I tride it again at home it seemed fine.
  15. I have had my valve amp two years it gets used most days but not gigged to often
  16. To be exact I have had the guitar two years the man I bought the guitar from said "I have just changed the string" so it will be longer than two years. The wife wanted to go to the ASDA (wal-mart)last night so no string change last. I will try again tomorrow Saturday. So this could be a world record for old strings.
  17. hello brad I only use extra light 9/42 or 43 on all my guitars electric and acoustic I have in the past tride 10s on some and 9s on others I know it,s impossible but I think I can feel the diffence.
  18. I was looking to give the old les paul a service tonight so I will take your advice and give it a go. The old girl has not had new strings for over two years (bad woko) so I think it will sound better anyway.
  19. Hello the yellow bit says Les Paul pure nickel wound They cost £5.50
  20. Hello folks I have just been down the guitar shop for some new strings for my Les paul but I picked up Gibson pure by mistake I wanted Gibson Brite wires. Can anyone tell me the difference. Should I take them back or give them a go.
  21. Ernie Ball hybred slinky 9/43 fitted last sunday just before gig they seem to stay in tune o.k.
  22. Yes Please that would be nice
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