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  2. Can anyone shed light on this guitar. What are its qualities and could it be worth a tdade for a fender billy corgan?
  3. it has Adirondack and madi back and sides
  4. Hi all, Just received my brand new 2015 j35 today from Thomann. I was sceptical about purchasing site unseen online but WOW what a guitar. The service from Thomann was brilliant with updates every step of the way. The bonus being that I bought it for £826 uk pounds. The best deal I could get in uk was £1059. The guitar and case are immaculate and I can only find one tiny tiny lacquer marl on fret board edge. I also have my AJ custom from the luthiers choice series which is a very different kettle of fish but I feel I will play the j35 more. Its short scale and super light weight and just so comfy. It is probably the best sounding acoustic I have owned and I have had my share of gibsons and martins. What a deal!
  5. Hi everyone. How exciting is this wait. I was in a debate a while back about letting my 2010 d18 go foreither a d15m or a j35. Anyway a guy came from down south to swap his custom advanced jumbo. Awesome guitar from the luthiers choice series. Last night I sold my strat and amp to fund my new j35. The d15m will still come here one day but the j35 was the chosen one to compliment my AJ. cAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO UPLOAD PICTURES
  6. They look gorgeous and although maybe not the best for country blues, great to sing with? I need two guitars but that's a long way off
  7. Does anyone know the rough value of a used excellent condition example from 2010?
  8. Can anyone shed any light on this. The advanced jumbo I swapped my martin d18 for has its serial number on the neckblock which Gibson tell me is to make the custom shop historically accurate. That's fine however when they did research on the serial number they found it linked to a product code which tells them its a luthiers choice model. The confusion lies in that there is nothing on the actual guitar to suggest it other than the serial number on the block rather than headstock and a small sticker behind the headstock which says custom shop. The orange labelis the same as a standard Gibson label. It doesn't say custom or luthiers choice Ray
  9. I never managed to play the two side by side before. Interesting story though; I did a deal with a gentleman from Ireland when I got my second AJ (my first was a huge disappointment) Alan who may even be reading this, after only talking on the phone, decided that he would send a 2006 AJ standard to me in Dundee before I had paid him a penny. I received the guitar promptly and was gobsmacked at the looks and tone not forgetting the trust of Alan whom I sent a cheque to within days. There was something about the neck that I felt annoyed me a little and I let the guitar go. I often wondered if there was something I didn't like or I had listened and read other peoples opinions too much. I swapped it for a d28, then a j50, then my d18. I Liked them all in their own way but nothing I have had has sounded so good as that aj. Until now. This new guitar is better than them all. Its quite heavy but mega loud and crystal clear and very comfortable. Quite a story in my book
  10. Hi everyone. I was lucky enough to have been able to swap my martin d18 which was a 2010 model (old style) for a 2010 custom shop Adirondack topped Gibson advanced jumbo and I literally cant believe how lucky I have been. The neck feels very different and is noticeably wider but its something I can work with. The sound is nothing short of superb. I honestly think its the best sounding guitar I have played. I have owned in the past j45's j45 rosewood, j50, hummingbirds, Sheryl crow, d18, d28, d35. That's not to say I wont swap at some point in the future but that will be way down the line. Do people think that was a fair swap? what do people think would be a fair swap for an advanced jumbo of this kind? Cheers
  11. Hi Guys. The serial number is on the neck block. You were right.
  12. I have looking at a Gibson advanced Jumbo custom shop which I am told is a 2010 model. I have only seen pictures so far and it looks authentic (I owned an AJ before) The question is though why is there no serial number stamped on the back of the headstock? Any ideas?
  13. I have looking at a Gibson advanced Jumbo custom shop which I am told is a 2010 model. I have only seen pictures so far and it looks authentic (I owned an AJ before) The question is though why is there no serial number stamped on the back of the headstock? Any ideas?
  14. Recently I saw a ooo15m and a Gibson j35 in my local guitar store. I am undecided about the d15 and the Gib. Both guitars in the store had barely any saddle height above the slot and a pretty high action. The store woulkd have to order the d15m in but now I am concerned about saddle heights. Far too low to adjust. There would be no break angle. Also I wonder about how the finish on the d15m will age compared to the gloss Gibson. I have never had a satin finish. I really feel the d15m sounds great on videos but worry I will miss the gloss and checking etc. Can anyone offer some opinions
  15. My 2001 gibson j50 has the white button gotohs. I would like to change these to grovers that come on the standard model. Does anyone know if there will be an issue with pin holes etc. I dont want to be drilling too many holes and weakening the wood on the headstock Cheers for help
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