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  1. Epiphone Masterbilt® De Luxe Classic, my favorite so far!
  2. They are always available on eBay and Reverb.com
  3. Thanks everyone for the ideas, so yeah I ordered some stuff, so I got my new nut and my amazing Mono Cases M80 Semi Hollow gig bag (it's oh-so-amazing!), but I was thinking about the ResoMax NVS Harmonic Bridge System (by GraphTech). I will still ask about the TonePros Bridge, I need to find a guitar technician here in Long Island (NY) first. I don't feel like going all the way to Manhattan for just a nut/bridge replacement. If anyone knows about the ResoMax, feel free to add your feedback. Thanks a lot, again! :D
  4. Bro! Do you remember, what was the model of the TonePro bridge you used? (a link would be awesome) and do you know what is all that fuzz about imperial measurement used by Gibson against Epi's metric one?
  5. @CB: Thanks a lot for the input. I always change the nuts in my Epis, but since this (Sherry) is the only one left I got, I'm not sure if should just order the same tusq nut I always get or if its a little different (but I think it should be ok, since the only 'different' epis I have seen, are the Casinos). What TonePro bridge would be a proper replacement for mine? @Blueman335: Cos it's the gauge I have used for the last... 5 years? I do a lot of bendings, but I play slowly. Think about Oasis, simple solos and lots of bendings. 10s feels a little weird, I tend to over bend them. But t
  6. Hello there, I got my Sheraton '62 (VS) and I'd like to upgrade it a little. I need advice for the following: 1. Nut: I was thinking about Tusq, but... should I get the Epiphone Slotted one? (ivory) 2. Bridge: A friend of mine says default bridge should be replaced with a better quality one, so... any ideas? TonePros? 3. Tuners: So far my Sherry goes out of tune a little too often, even though it has the grovers but I think the NUT could be the issue. I'd prefer an 18:1 tuner, ideas? (for gold hardware) 4. I have a little ringing on my "e" string when I play it open, any idea? 5. Strings?
  7. This is mine, Epiphone Sheraton 1962 (RI). Homage to Noel Gallagher (he is the reason I picked up a guitar).
  8. Sheraton 1962 and Les Paul Tribute (I just love the '57 Classic set). Also the Emily The Strange SG (gotta love that psychedelic design)
  9. Well, the 'Heavenly' part of my stage name is actually more of a mockery/ironic kind of thing, since I'm an Atheist. I just think God is a nice concept, same with Angels, Pearly Gates, Hell, Heaven, etc... They provide nice scenery :D But, my original songs, so far, are mmm full of sorrow? o.O (not sure if that's the term I'm looking for, but hey... English is just my 2nd language).
  10. Violin, Cello and Shakuhachi (Japanese end-blown flute) :D Oh! And drums! Even though I can 'compose' (is that the term?) drum lines (and use them with Addictive Drums VST) for my songs, I wish I could play real drums.
  11. Mini Demo, sorry but I forgot to upload it, lol I'm still sick, so I just played an Oasis (my fave' band) cover... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vvyzq-LW5xQ Any ideas for mods? (beyond upgrading the nut to tusq xl ?
  12. So finally, my order got here from American Musical Supply yesterday, the Vintage Sunburst 1962 Sheraton E212T, with the mini-humbuckers and the frequensator tailpiece. Right out of the box, it was AMAZING! Intonation, setup, everything was perfect (except for a couple details in the inner-side of the f-holes). I will make a recording tomorrow, for those who wonders what it sounds like, but anyway... Merry Xmas for me:
  13. If you got cash to burn: Gibson Classic 57 (neck) and 57 plus (bridge), if on a budget: DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF set (F-spaced bridge -> Which is an upgrade I did to my Epi LP. I love the tone, and cheap :D
  14. I'm still in love with this Sheraton (Terada) setup: That Antique burst, frequensator tailpiece, golden hardware, neck binding... such a beauty ToT And... just cos I'm a hardcore Noel Gallagher fan... The Supernova: And even better if they were to use the design of the first picture I posted, so it can resemble the real deal: And... mmm there as another model I hearted a lot, I think the name of it was called... Epiphone Professional? (even though that would imply buying it's matching amp... so, quite impossible lol)
  15. Elixir, Ernie ball and lately... Gibson Vintage Re-issues. What's ur tuning? (can't talk about gauge without that piece of data). So far, I use 0.11 on my E-flat guitar.
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