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  1. Hi Larry. Your guitar was made in the same year as my L6-S: 1976 (the 00 at the front of the number means 1976). That's according to Gibson's web site. Mine is a tobacco burst with a rosewood fingerboard. I took it to my local luthier for a service a year or two ago. As I walked into the shop carrying the guitar in its case, the owner said to me, "An old Maton?" "No," I replied. "An old Gibson." "Even better." He responded. Then when I opened the case to reveal the L6-S he then said, "Gibson's most under-rated guitar." I bought mine new in '76 and it served me well for many years as my only electric guitar. Not that it is anymore, nor is it my only Gibson now.
  2. Hi Everyone, Is it possible to send, not only the hex output from the piezo pickup but also the output of the magnetic pickups of a Dusk Tiger to a Roland GR-55 using the RIP and Gibson's 8pin to 13pin cable? I've had my Dusk Tiger for some years now (use it often and love it) and finally bought a GR-55 yesterday. I hooked up my Dusk Tiger to it going via a stereo phono cable to the RIP and then converter cable from the hex output on the back of the RIP to the 13 pin socket on the GR-55. I can trigger the synth sounds on the GR-55 but don't seem to have the option of mixing in the output from the magnetic pickups like you can with the Roland GK-3 pickup that connects to the GR-55 with a 13 pin connector at each end of the cable. Am I missing a setting on the RIP or is it because there aren't enough output pins on the RIP to send the magnetic pickups output to the GR-55? (an oversight on Gibson's part if that's the case.) I've turned on the setting in the GR-55 that mixes in the guitar but that had no effect. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi everyone. I eventually emailed Gibson and asked them what gauge strings they fitted the ES335-12 when it left the factory. They replied and it appears the gauges are somewhat non-standard. I was told they fitted the following: 10/10 / 14/14 / 22w/10 / 29/12 / 38/18 / 50/25w As far as I've been able to find on-line these don't match any of the easily obtainable sets of 12 string electric strings. How about making some available Gibson?
  4. Hi Guys, I have a Dusk Tiger and am about to buy a Roland GR-55. I note on the manual for the GR-55 that you are meant to tell it what kind of pickup the guitar has: GK-3 Choose this if you’re using a GK-3. GK-2A Choose this if you’re using a GK-2A. PIEZO This setting is appropriate if you’re using a piezo pickup that has a flat response. PIEZO F This setting is appropriate for a Fishman piezo pickup. PIEZO G This setting is appropriate for a Graph Tech piezo pickup. PIEZO L This setting is appropriate for an L.R. Baggs piezo pickup. PIEZO R This setting is appropriate for an RMC piezo pickup. Does anyone know which of the above to choose? Is it just "PIEZO"? Thanks in advance.
  5. Just bought a new Gibson ES-335 12 String (my fourth Gibson). Wow! What tone and great looks to match! Nice variation with the coil tapping too. One question though: What are the gauges of the strings that the guitar was fitted with in the factory? The guitar came with no information in that regard (the only thing the guitar did come with, apart from the case, was a certificate of authenticity) and the instrument is not listed on Gibson's web site so no joy there in my search for a manual either. That sort of information ought to be included in the case, especially in such an expensive instrument. Attention to the small details please Gibson.
  6. I have two firewire audio interfaces connected to my PC, the RIP II for my Dusk Tiger and an M-Audio FW410. I'm using both in Sonar X1 Producer. I toggle from one to the other via the Preferences window in Sonar. Sonar continually returns an error message saying the RIP (Echo Firewire device) is being used by another application and that its outputs will be muted. No other applications are open. Any suggestions? I want to use the RIP interface so that I can get a stereo panned guitar with the interface in Hex mode.
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