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  1. the only effect i really need is delay and i was worried about it going in front of the distortion but i guess your right i wont be pushing the amp too hard so it shouldnt be that big of an issue
  2. dangit spoke to soon it doesnt have an fx loop............ is the blues deluxe and the hot rod deluxe the exact same as the blues junior just more wattage and better features? do they sound different or just louder?
  3. hmmm maybe your right if i see one again ill make sure to check the back for an attenuator before i try it out
  4. went to guitar center today i know what amp im going to buy the blues jr just dont know if i should go nos or not, amazing sound loud as all get out and its 20 pounds lighter than the ac 15 and thats 30 pounds lighter than the amp im lugging around i love the sound of this amp
  5. i just got back from guitar center today and in my opinion this amp is terrible and has no volume. it can do one thing and that is a somewhat decent distortion thats when the amp volume is all the way up and its at talking level volume if you put the volume lower to get a clean tone you wont be able to hear it if your anywhere with any people. maybe i just tried a bad unit but it sounded terrible to me
  6. i need a combo, the less to carry the better i have to haul it all myself that mean guitar in one hand amp in the other and it doesnt really matter how loud it gets im going to be miking it up
  7. i want an all tube amp, i cant spend ofer 1000 dollars and i only use clean to moderate overdrive, im gunna be luggin it around everywhere so it needs to be light to i dont wanna throw out my back suggestions? i was thinking an ac 15 but i want to know what you guys think
  8. yeah those are nice and cheap too
  9. i played in a thin lizzy tribute band for a while love their music
  10. on itunes it basically does that.... if you buy a cd on itunes you get all the cd art and info on the album or if you upload a cd on to itunes it does that to
  11. what about casio? are they good or not ive heard alot of great reviews of them if its between casio and yamaha in the same price range which would be better?
  12. want im lookin for is 88 keys weighted a great piano sound it will probably moving alot and im using it cause i want to finally really learn the piano ive always played the one at my grandparents houe when i go over there and because of some of the music theory i know i can half way play some stuff on it but i want to become proficient at it i love the way the piano sounds and ive always wanted to learn but i dont want to learn on a cheap instrument or one that would be hard to transfer to a real piano like a 76 key keyboard that doesnt have weighted keys
  13. wondering if you guys would have any input on this. best keyboard under 1 grand? suggestions?
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