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  1. I have a 1968 les paul copy and the treble pickup is giving me no sound. I opened it up and the knob is lose and moving around in the inside,what is the best way to fix this? Sorry i am unable to post pics
  2. Hey I was just curious on everyone's thoughts on the "lawsuit" les pauls and other knock offs from the 60s and 70s. Thoughts?
  3. Hey I am being offered a 1960s lero les paul for 200 dollars is it worth it? Thanks
  4. its kinda hard to explain i turned these knobs and it adjusted the action so i really dk
  5. ive pretty much firgured out the peoblem im taking to my music store to get it properly fixed
  6. ya im going to my local music store on friday i just thought i would ask you guys first incase it was like a 5 second fix and because at my local store if you didnt buy your guitar of them they charge extra (I didnt buy my guitar from them)
  7. nah its not to close to the amp its not plugged in at all it was fine untill i put a new set of strings on it in mid may from then on its just been a nightmare. I know about the strings breaking if its tightend to much i made that mistake many times thats why i just get my bro or someone else whos better at it to do it lol
  8. where at the bridge the front or where the intonation is?
  9. Ok so my casino is making an awful sound like the strings are detuned i fiddled around with the intonation and it still makes this horrible noise. its really hard to explain and i thought it was just the strings and i got new ones and they just broke as soon as i put them on. someone help please
  10. Ok so in the early 1980s my dad got this peerless classical guitar and he said it was aged when he got it. The pin is stamped and pretty faded so this is all i could read AEB then the next letter is an 8 or an 0 then the final letter is 0. The tuners look ivory idk what they are and the rest of the hardware is gold so if any can tell me the date this guitar was made or its price that would be great
  11. it would be nice if they made something like a country gentleman or a duo jet. or even if they were to get rights to rickenbacker and make a true copy
  12. lol if george and paul think its cool....
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