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  1. Link http://www.flickr.com/photos/33338128@N02/ you can see what i'm talking about,i don't want to force anything of course.
  2. I have an 84 Explorer and i need to order new hardware,but i don't know what size any of this stuff is,does anybody know if it's metric or standard? Post spacing? Post threads? Or a part number would help as well,anybody with any info would be helpful,i ordered a tune o matic and stop bar but it didn't fit,and Stew Mac parts come in plastic bags without part numbers,i ordered the parts several months ago and can't find out what i ordered. I know this sounds really dumb,but..... Thanks in advance.
  3. Curious,if they aren't using ebony than what are they using on Les Paul Customs?
  4. He did those shows in San Francisco with Metallica,at the Fillmore in December,my guess is he's probably broke and he thinks somebody will actually pay that much. It's not like it's Hetfields original Gibson Explorer. He did a solo on that "Metal Massacre" album for Metallica before they were "METALLICA"
  5. I'm just sharing what i have been told from a store owner here in metro Detroit,Guitar Center will buy flawed guitars from Gibson and sell them at no mark down,and of course not pass the savings on,hoping that people like you won't see the flaws,GC makes more money at the expense of the consumer,i can't say i'd blame Gibson as i would blame Guitar Center for whoring. I bought 4 Les Pauls in the last 5 years,1 custom,3 Standards and have had no problems with them. However i don't know where you live and Guitar Center might be your only choice for buying gear,i buy from Mom and Pop stores. I won't even buy cables from Guitar Center. Just sayin
  6. Talked to the factory,and yes they'll do it,logo and serial number,so if somebody is going to restore a Gibson,use the repair shop,and Gibsons price was alot lower than i thought it would be.
  7. Actually i think i found a place here in Michigan,about an hour away http://www.rockfordcarving.com/index.html As for serial numbers,i made copy of the serial font,when i go to work tomorrow i'll try to program my CNC and cut new numbers and make a small stamp,this is the LONG way of doing things,but before i do all this,i got a return email from Roger Ball @ Gibson,seems like they'll do it but for how much? Also i searched for custom MOP inlay builders,they can probably do the logo the best and it'll look like the rest of my Gibsons.
  8. Hey all,i'm new member but old stalker. I had an "84" Explorer refinished,it was plumburst and is now vintage white The guy who did it does good work,however he can't get the headstock logo. And he sanded the serial number off the back of the headstock,i'm sure people try from time to time to make fake Gibsons,this is NOT one of those times. Theres some discoloration on the fingerboard thats like DNA,i have before and after pictures of it. Does anybody know where i can get a new logo and serial number installed? I'm ready to die from the headache all this has been,not kidding,it's been a nightmare. Thanks Jerry
  9. I have an 84 Explorer,it's a plumburst? And it has the same custom shop sticker on the back of the headstock,however IMO i don't think yours is original,they only put those labels on it if it had certain paint jobs,doesn't really mean it was made at the custom shop,if you can buy it for a decent price i'd go for it, i have 4 Explorers and love each one,sound,the way it plays etc,great guitar.
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