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  1. Hi,Good Day;

    My name is Miss.Mary Dickson, I saw your profile to day at (forum.gibson.com) and was moved and become interested in you, I will like you to send me an email to my address (marydickson100@yahoo.in) so that i can give you my pictures for you to know whom i am.

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  2. I was blessed to get to know Honeyboy over the past decade. What a dear, sweet man. In addition to the musicians listed by jaxson50, he was the last man standing who had played with Robert Johnson. He was even there the night Johnson was poisoned. Honeyboy lived life to the fullest, and performed regularly until this spring when his health just wouldn't allow him to continue. RIP, Honey. David Honeyboy Edwards, the “Last of the Great Mississippi Delta Bluesmen” has died. This morning Monday August 29, 2011, about 3 am while resting peacefully at home, Honeyboy moved on to blues heaven. He lived a long, full life, and he felt at peace. He loved to say, “The world don’t owe me nothing.” Just shy of his 96th birthday, Honeyboy played his last gigs at the Juke Joint Festival and Cathead Mini-Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi April 16 and 17, 2011. Prior to his health turning for the worse in late April, Honeyboy was scheduled to play numerous gigs in Chicago, across the USA and in Europe, including today at Millennium Park in Chicago for the noon time concert series. His manager Michael Frank had to cancel all those dates due to Honeyboy’s declining health. He maintained a strong spirit until the end, telling stories and showing off his dexterity in his hands. Visitation will be Thursday September 1 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, with an open mic for comments by his friends and fans from 7:00 to 8:00 pm at the funeral home. Services will be private on Friday September 2. McCullough Funeral & Cremation Services 851 E. 75th St. Chicago, IL 60619 Phone: (773) 488-8900 For further information., contact his manager Michael Frank, Earwig Music Company, Inc., Chicago, Il. 773-262-0278 mfrank@earwigmusic.com
  3. I'll say this about Apple. After having a three month old Sony VAIO notebook hose its registry trying to set up a new router a couple of years ago, I had finally had enough broken Windows and ordered a MacBook. It arrived the next day. I plugged it in, and immediately fell in love with the touchpad. It is the most intuitive user interface I have ever used. I used to hang up a PC a couple of times a day. I have hung up my MacBook three times in two years. I added a Mac tower a year ago, and it has never crashed or hung up. I keep one PC around to run legacy software and manage MS databases, but everything else is all Mac. My long days on the computer are a true pleasure once again thanks to Steve Jobs.
  4. Vincent, Never would have thought of that!
  5. No Frills, That was my first thought, but then I read some reviews about screw size differences causing problems so I thought I'd get some input here. I might get a set and check them out too.
  6. TehBeast, Thanks for the welcome and the recommendation on the Dunlop locks. I was concerned they wouldn't work with the old buttons on the ES-150. They are really small, so I didn't know if the strap and lock would all fit on those small buttons. I'll get a set and try. For the price, it can't hurt to try!
  7. My apologies if this isn't in the right area... I recently purchased a 1956 ES-150 in excellent all-original condition. My dilemma is deciding on whether to replace the strap buttons with a strap lock system. I hate replacing anything on the guitar since it is in excellent all-original condition, but I'd also hate to have a strap come off and have the guitar crash to the floor. I would love to get some input from everyone as to whether I should or shouldn't replace the original buttons, and if so, which system do you recommend? Thanks!
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