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  1. Wow. I feel like a real hack after looking at that. When I started this i had planned on making a full size "jig" like that but I ended up just making one for the knobs. Clearly I need to do it right.Thanks so much for the help/inspiration.I removed the entire harness/pickups from this with the thought of looking for a wood only project. So i dont want to unsolder the the cans. Is there a source for the jack and pot cans? Again thank you.
  2. Yes I did ground the tailpiece. I'm pretty sure I did everything properly with the exception of using all shielded wire. I wonder if I may have knocked something loose with all the mucking around to get everything back in place. What an enormous pain THAT was....
  3. Hi all. I need any sort of tips/advice you all have for properly wiring an archtop. I put P-rails into a Barney Kessel and they work....but its noisy. If I reach a finger into the f-hole and touch a pot it quiets down. Same thing with the switch ring. I'm fairly adept at solid bodies. This is the first time I've worked on an archtop.I did not use shielded wire other than from the switch to the jack.... Could that be it? Thanks
  4. Sound post was inaccurate. There are 2 large top to back supports. They look as old as the bracing. They are glued in. I'll try to get good pics. I'm also calling Gibson in the morning.
  5. The finish is a bit of a mystery. It's defininitly top coated in nitro but the finish underneath is quite checked and cracked. I think it was black originally. The binding is quite yellow. Original electronics, tuners, pickguard, WOODEN bridge, tailpiece, badge. I took the badge and pickguard off. Dust covers still on pots and jack. It sounds amazing.
  6. Hi all, So I'm a fan of the Barney Kessel model. I just picked one up that has 2 supporting structures from top to back. I believe it's a 68. Now my 67 BK has no such thing. its completely hollow. What's the deal?! is this a change that was made or was my 67 modified?
  7. I just picked up a 2000 Tal for a very nice price. Its a fantastic guitar. I love the fact that whoever owned it before me was a real player. The fingerboard was gunked up all up and down the neck, frets evenly worn. The bridge corroded and dirty....but other than a crack in the nitro by the scroll the guitar is in fantastic shape. I know exactly what a previous poster means with the skinny necks from the 60's. I have a 67 Barney Kessel with the infamous 'pencil neck'. The neck on my Tal is perfect. Very similar to my 52 175 but obviously with the longer scale.The previous owner of my Tal died and the guitar was passed on through the family. When I found it in a local shop it had 9's on it and was set up to shred! I'm grateful it didnt cut it as a metal guitar....
  8. If the op is anything like me they don't want a guitar they have to worry about devaluing. Vintage Gibsons are amazing, but I went nuts playing out with a 52 175. That would be greatly compounded with a L5 or Super 440! I've learned to stick with player guitars with a few exceptions;)
  9. Hi all, I just scored a 2000 Tal Farlow without a case(of course). Would the L5 CES case work for this? I have a Barney Kessel with a non original case that works but I figure now that I have the Farlow I should spring for some decent protection. The L5 CES has a 3 3/8 body depth, the Barney and Tal have 3. All 17 in lower bout, all 25.5 scale. Thanks!
  10. The new nut idea is an excellent suggestion. It is a little tight.. But like you I'm adaptable.
  11. very informative! Thank you
  12. I have a 67 Barney Kessel that i bought of ebay(stop me if you've heard this) and i was surprised to find how skinny the neck is on it. A little research later I now know it's what has come to be termed a pencil neck. 1 9/16 at the nut. It does take a moment to adjust to the narrowness but I have to say itr is very comfortable to play. There are many people on here far more informed on this than i am, I'm sure. What can you guys tell me about these necks? What models saw them, what years did they appear. What is the reason behind them.... Thanks!
  13. Thanks. Yes It has the infamous "pencil neck". 1 9/16 at the nut. But its actually quite comfortable. I have the Barney Kessel tailpiece badge. I'm just not real big on having other peoples names on my guitar.... its a great sounding guitar. Ridiculously fat and warm.
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