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  1. Man, he was my favorite back then. I was 16 years old.
  2. Keep your chin up, play music and work; that always cured my woes.
  3. condolences Rabs. Just wait until you get my age then you look around and think almost everyone you have known is gone. When I asked my 97 year old grandmother how it felt to be that age she replied "okay, just lonely."
  4. Wow, was I really that young!!!!! 1956.
  5. Brings back memories of my youth when in 1948 I accidentally dialed in a local radio station, out of someone's garage, playing Blues. I heard BB King. During my high school days our band picked up not only Blues and Rock-a-Billy, the new Rock sound came in. Never thought it would last since much of the guitar'ing was crude and lacked precision. It evolved. So did I. Wish my hands would allow me to play again, but arthritis is too bad. The good old days: Never heard the big city DJ's, we had WLAC out of Nashville :)
  6. Get hah Job, la de de la de da dah. Remember that song? https://www.bing.com/search?q=get+a+job+song&qs=ONR&pq=get+a+job&sk=AS1&sc=8-9&cvid=679724AB81C0480AAA583CCBA09A596D&FORM=QBLH&sp=2
  7. https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/boy-who-cried-warming/
  8. http://www.cfact.org/2018/06/21/cfact-billboard-russia-funneled-cash-to-greens-to-cripple-energy/
  9. Tried to delete but no delete option!
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