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  1. Not yet. It is on the list to do tho. I've been itchin to do a review on mine AS IS but am putting it off until I put on the GraphTechs SW1. I just cannot believe how well the nut has been cut. I have adjusted my action (w/o a capo on the 1st fret) is .060 on the treble side @ the last fret and .070 on the bass side @ the last fret! I'm wondering if Epiphone is using the Pleck for the nuts on these guitars? Gibson is. No relief at all on the neck. Dead straight as I belive that this drives the body more than with any relief. After playing a Strat as my main guitar for so long (#1 David Gilmour fan), it's been a bit of a change in technique while bending strings. I'm used to a little higher action so I can get more grip on the string(s). No problem though. Thanks and I look forward to getting out the review as soon as I a/b the stock Lightning bridge with the SW1. Hope you are still enjoying yours.
  2. The new Graphtech (NW1, without the Graphtech saddles) looks like the best option to me.
  3. Congratulations. Glad you like yours as well. Amazing necks on these guitars and the way the whole neck and body resonates is really something. Enjoy.
  4. Mr. Mustard...That's cool. Mean Mr. Mustard too as these P-90's can do mean chainsaw overdrive really well. Lots of Lesley West licks are pretty much right on the money! I'm looking into Graphtechs new wraparound bridge w/o the string saver saddles. It looks cool, has guides for the strings and more room for precise intonation. Did you leave the wiring alone or are you going to do the old style LP wiring?
  5. Well I got mine sat. night and have been measuring everything and tweeking everything since then and can say that I am extremely happy with Epiphones commitment on building a 50th anniversary model this nice. I will be writing a review (in the "Review" section) soon. I hope you will read it when you get a chance. Great sustain, rings like a bell, has the straightest neck, lowest action, p-90s push the amp nicely, and looks cool doing it all. I hope all who have pulled the trigger on this guitar are as happy. \:D/
  6. Just happened apon it at american music supply while looking for an Epi '59 LP
  7. That is good news The intonation was definitely a worry of mine as well. I was just going to say "it is close enough for rock and roll" if it wasn't How is the neck relief? Do you prefer a bit of it or dead straight? How are bends on these frets? I can hardly wait for mine. Will you do a review?
  8. Congratulations. Looks like this color is going to be very popular. My sales guy just called and took the money off my card and I should be receiving mine in a few days. Also in TV yellow. Can I ask if you bought sight unseen or did you buy from a local store and pick out the best one? You vid is reaffirmation to my gut instinct that this is a nice guitar. Thanks. B)
  9. Oh well...I'm still getting one , but how sad that someone in that position should relay bogus info ! But never been the kind to say what is what until I find out for myself when it is in my hands . Stranger things have happened B) .
  10. Do you think the source meant that the solid color bodies might be what he was referring to?
  11. I know. But the info supposedly came from a Gibson rep!
  12. If you folks are still visiting here there is a rumor that this guitar is a one piece slab body with a one piece non-scarfed neck or heel. I hope it is true but if not I'm still getting one!
  13. I am starting a working relationship with a guitar player who works for an online store and so far I am very pleased with the answers I am getting and the follow up to questions that were not known at the time. Apparently his store will be getting a few in and he has promised to pick out the best of them for me. Anyone else have an inside guy?
  14. If you folks don't mind me asking, who are you going to get your SG from? I myself would like to play a few before I buy, but I may just do it online and take my chances. I've been lucky in the past buying online and it is a drag to audition a few if the store hasn't got more than 2 or 3 in stock! Anyone else ever buy online with good results?
  15. Who's the luthier? I like knowing that there are such gifted repair people out there like this one! Seriously it is good to know that there are alot of folks who agree that these type of joints are not inferior but actually beneficial to the longevity of the guitars if taken care of properly.
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