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  1. Welcome to the forums here......... I have seen the same question asked a few times since i have been here and people say try ebay so i guess ebay is your best bet.
  2. We got a dusting in SW Missouri but the temps with the wind were 0ºF yesterday and last night and this morning.......but another warmup tomorrow
  3. Short scale 10's and long scale 9's for me. I'm getting old and my fingers like that combo best now.
  4. No need to finger a G chord just hit the D,G, and B strings open
  5. Well Collings supposedly does, so if you have the money for "supposedly" then go for a Collings..........
  6. looks like it plays blues and jazz ;)
  7. HNLGD (Happy New Lefty Guitar Day) and i have one here i play a lot more than a few of my other more expensive guitars actually. It's a 2001 (Made in Indo) i bought used and all i did was spray the pots, switch, and input jack with cleaner, file the nut slots a little, adjust the truss rod a tad, and get the action where i wanted it and plays really nice even with the original pickups in it for $80 with a case! Hope you enjoy yours as much as i do and yes i am a lefty also
  8. ya i would go with the DRRI because the TRRI will just be really really loud and clean and will not overdrive.........so take your pick
  9. The nut job looks pretty bad to me. Do you have any radius gauges?
  10. The first chord book i bought was a Mel Bay in 1980 and i still have it here somewhere.......... I am in Missouri so if you need a letter sent to one of our crap senators PM me.
  11. ya happy b-day Bobby Keys......... that said, i'm not sure who the black sax player is in that video but it's not Bobby Keys........ This is Bobby Keys http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Keys
  12. ok one more and i quit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBFP_Sw5R4c
  13. and another http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad3sjim0Hg4
  14. I always liked Kiln House myself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km_mGygnjbE
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