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  1. Choose a pedal that you think you'll get a lot of use out of. I chose my first pedal kit (a germanium fuzz) primarily on the basis of build simplicity, but I regret this because I rarely ever use it now. If I could do it over, I would choose the pedal I would most want on my board, and forget about starting with a kit touted as an "easy build." Once you've got your soldering up to snuff, they're all easy builds ... it's just that some are "longer" builds in the sense that more components and wires are involved.
  2. Wow! The guitar extraction feature of JamVox seems like just the thing to make some nice backing tracks. Has anyone used it?
  3. I've been wondering if computer technology has improved to the point where it's now possible to remove the guitar from an MP3 in order to make a custom backing track. In particular, removing or reducing the lead guitar. Anyone out there make their own backing tracks from MP3s?
  4. PBS has the concert on the video section of their site http://video.pbs.org/video/2202801749
  5. I took mine off ... I'm a finger player, and I like look of the wood.
  6. You won't like the new Derek Trucks signature SG then.
  7. Congrats on the BJr Ian. It's a good little amp for the price, and there are lots of mods you can do to really bring out the tone, if you're so inclined. Even just upgrading the OT and filter caps makes a nice difference.
  8. Perhaps a more accurate title for the list would be "the 10 highest prices paid at auction." I agree with comments that there are other more valuable guitars, including some '59 Les Pauls and those owned by legends. But they're not on this list because they haven't been sold recently.
  9. You'd have to get a used one. If you can live with that, it's a buyer's market because (at least in the US and Canada) the Blues Jr is one of the biggest selling amps. Lots of series II available on eBay and other places, sometimes for close to half the cost of a new series III.
  10. In addition to lots of feedback I'm sure you'll get about the Blues Jr, you might want to check out Bill Machrone's take on the differences between the II series and the "improvements" Fender introduced with the III series. You might prefer the II series. http://billmaudio.com/wp/?page_id=709
  11. All the presidents do it. In 2001, for Black History month, George Bush Jr, held a concert with Lionel Hampton, Shirley Caesar, Bobby Jones, James Brown, Regina Belle, the Blind Boys of Alabama, and the Harlem Jazz Museum Artists. With the line up of Jeff Beck, BB King, Buddy Guy, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, et al., it's nice to see that musical taste in the White House for smoking hot guitar music has improved. None of the musicians took home a basketful of tax dollar money for this. Buddy Guy's agent didn't play hardball with the president about the chance to appear there. This is a great thing for the musicians working to keep blues music alive; and trying to associate it with confiscated guitar wood is really stretching it.
  12. The polytune mini is cool ... but he wants one that runs on batteries.
  13. Planet Waves makes a nice tuner pedal as well ... some folks call it the "poor man's Peterson" ... not sure about its longevity, but Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks use them
  14. forgot to mention ... great visibility across different light conditions but, as seen in this fellow's video, strobe pedals are not for the short-sighted
  15. Peterson Classic Stomp strobe tuner
  16. If you want to save some dough, you can make your own. I like BYOC pedals, and most of them are not a difficult build. I don't have this one, but it seems like it would do the job nicely. http://www.buildyourownclone.com/ampselector.html
  17. Gibson has started to use American rosewood for finger boards. Does anyone know what this wood is, and how it differs from traditional Brazilian and Indian rosewood? Any noticeable differences in feel or tone?
  18. Do you like the feel of the neck?
  19. Derek Trucks was disappointed with the original vibrato arm and tailpiece, and installed a stop-bar tailpiece instead. But he likes the classic look of the original tailpiece and how it's weight makes the SG less neck-heavy, so he left it on too. The signature guitar has both tailpieces because it's a knock off of his SG. I suppose, being a finger picker, he didn't see a need for a PG. I take them off my guitars too. Some like em', some don't. I'll bet Trucks' guitar has better pickups than the '57s that this one comes with. I have '57s in a semi-hollow and love them. But I've heard they're not quite the thing in an SG.
  20. Gibson's showing it off at NAMM this week and telling people it's a go. And yet nothing whatsoever about it on their website (yet). You could be right about them not being fully behind this guitar ... which would be a shame.
  21. +1 Sometimes the "investment" rationale is just an excuse to add to the collection. A few friends have a serious set of guitars on their walls, but hardly play at all ... and justify it by falling back on the investment idea (also known as cognitive dissonance reduction).
  22. What?! :o Just kidding. Don't feel like it's crazy to not want to spend a lot of dough on guitars just because some of folks on this site buy them like shut-ins constantly ordering stuff from the home shopping channel.
  23. Gibson is showing off a Derek Trucks signature SG at winter NAMM. I can't find any info about it on the Gibson site, however. And this You-tube clip doesn't mention much about specs. Does anyone know anything about its pickups, tuners, wiring, etc.? I wonder if this is this going to be another one of those extremely limited edition models, like the Joe Bonamassa Epi Les Paul, that is going to be sold out before it is in any stores for regular folk to buy?
  24. This is where I'm at too. It's making less and less sense to me to have quantity over quality ... and, more and more, I play only my #1. But, like you, I have rarely-played guitars that, for sentimental reasons, I want to keep.
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