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  1. Two different luthiers have had a go at the nut on my 339, so I don't think I'm getting string binding there. But that's a good point about possible binding at the saddles. My 339 had to have been rushed out the door ... the bridge setup and saddle notching was done carelessly because the string spacing is way off. So it wouldn't surprise me if there is also some string binding at the saddles as well. I looked into Gibson replacement saddles to rectify the string spacing, but it's not really that much more expensive to just get a new (and potentially better) bridge. I ordered a TonePros ABR bridge this week, and I'm going to get the saddles notched and radiused properly by my luthier. I don't know who puts on the bridges and notches the saddles in Memphis, but mine must have been a Friday afternoon job.
  2. I’m glad to hear that you were able to solve the tuning issue, and that Grovers are a direct replacement. I find the 339 to be a little neck heavy, even with the stock tuners, and that’s partly why I’ve been wondering about TonePros Klusons. Do the Grovers add much weight?
  3. I’m thinking about changing the tuning keys on my 339, and I’m wondering if anyone else has done this? I’d like to stick with the Kluson-style tulip heads and keep the same look, and prefer a direct replacement that won’t require much in the way of modification. Does anyone have any suggestions about 339 replacement tuning keys?
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