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  1. Although I like the stool idea (need to try one), what worked for me is to just force myself to play standing at every opportunity. I was a little sloppy at first, but I believe that standing forced me to fret more precisely, and after a while realized that my playing had improved. I began feeling much more comfortable and relaxed in our garage band settings. Eventually, sitting didn't quite feel as natural as standing. I'm 58 with a bad back, so owning 339 really helps. A good adjustable music stand for sheet music or iPad also recommended.
  2. Jeff Henry at Maple Street Guitars in Buckhead is about as good as they come. No better. He has setup a number of guitars for me over the years and always done a superb job. Reasonable turnaround as well. All of the Luthiers at Maple Street are excellent, but Jeff has the touch on electrics. George (owner) would be my choice on a classical, if you can get him.
  3. One of my 2 Epis and more played than my other LP. Very nice build QC and the setup was fine. Love the 57 Cs.
  4. Of all time would definitely be Chris Whitley and if you need a track, it would be 'Phone Call from Leavenworth'. Currently recording would be Gary Clark Jr.
  5. I think that Broadway Elite would look much better at my house!
  6. I use a kid's humidifier/vaporizer in the winter. Mostly for the acoustics and semi-hollows, but figured that the electrics benefit. I watch the hydrometer, and turn the humidifier on when the humidity is below 40% with the target of between 45-55%. When the heat is on, that's pretty much every day. I've got to fill the reservoir daily, but that's a lot easier than managing them individually. What's good for one, is good for all IMO. My LGS, which handles a lot of high end classical and acoustics does the same. I change the filters at the end of winter, because the tend to collect nasty
  7. This is probably oversimplification, but as well as setup, coil splitting, articulation, and EQ, how about playing through a brighter amp, like a black or silver face or even some tweeds? Works really well for me. Sorry, I am not familiar with Hiwatt G15R.
  8. I caught the opening night of the Kings of Leon tour in Atlanta, and GCJ opened. My brother's wife and her sister were in the third row for KOL, but we swapped tickets for the opening act, giving up our box seats for Gary Clark Jr. so we could be up close and personal. Only 45 minutes, but every note was fantastic. That man can seriously f--k up a Casino Likewise his rhythm player, Eric Zapata, is pretty amazing in his own right. The two of them did a dual slide number that is not on the album, but was the stuff of legends (Next Door Neighbor Blues?). Also a nod to BB with 3 "O'clock Bl
  9. I bought a mint Broadway a few weeks ago. I'd been GASing for one for a couple of years now and feel like I basically stole this one. The PO had replaced the pickups and electronics with Gibson components, including 57 Classics, and for some reason it stayed under the radar at ebay. These are really finely made guitars IMO.
  10. This is a really good little interview/rig rundown from the man himself on how he gets his tone. http://youtube.com/watch?v=m67Lc8lh2Ho
  11. You'll pro probably get your fingers dirty
  12. I used to own two P90s, but let the Pelham Blue one go recently. Guess that I was going through a PB phase that passed. They are great players, regardless. The Vintage Burst gets exercised often.
  13. Thanks again for all of the very informative replies. I didn't mean to open up the can o' six pack of whip *** worms on the caps/pots/switches debate, but I guess that is a natural progression. OK, the Ultra is getting a stay of execution. A buddy wants me to bring it to practice Friday night, and after reflecting on what I was about to get into, I've decided to buy leave it stock and pick up a cherry 339 Pro and mod it with 57 classics, wiring, caps, pots, switches, jack. I had this done to a Sheraton, and the results were outstanding. Not that I'm saying the caps made a big differen
  14. Yes, that's perfect, especially the suggestion about splicing the wires. That would be pretty easy to do. With all of the Ultra's electronics, I don't think the hums are split or tapped. I should just take a look tonight to ease my angst, and get the pups ordered. I didn't see any with other than 2 conductor type wiring, although the Tribute Plus has push/pull for series/parallel wiring. Thanks for the thorough and helpful reply Bluesman335.
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