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  1. Thanks for the info!! Greetings from Argentina!
  2. Hello, I confirmed the originality of Gibson Les Paul, and actually was made in 2008. My question was to find info about the making of the LP Classic that year, I even sent by mail catalog. Vintage Sunburts the color, not Tobacco. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I recently bought a Gibson Les Paul Classic Tobacco 60 neck ... Behind the blade include the VIN and registration 08XXXX MADE IN USA 2008. I have not found much information about this guitar, only a video on youtube where the owner says he only made ​​200 units. Anyone have info on this Les Paul??? Thank you very much.
  4. Hola, he comprado recientemente una Gibson Les Paul Classic 60 neck Tobacco... Detras de la pala figura el Numero de Serie 08XXXX y la inscripcion MADE IN USA 2008. No he encontrado mucha informacion sobre esta guitarra, solamente un video en youtube donde el propietario comenta que solo se realizaron 200 unidades. Alguien tiene info sobre esta Les Paul??? Muchas Gracias.
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