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    born in Florida live in Alabama
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    Carpenter by trade enjoy Guitars and music Have strats Gibsons and been picking up on some Epiphones lately Just getting started in trying to build some guitars out of quater sawn Mahoganey
  1. danl56

    SG Future

    Anybody here own or played a SG Future appreciate the info
  2. It has been since the eighties since I have had a solidbody( Barney Kessel model) and I have been thinking about purchasing an Es-339 they have on sale for 399. Thought I would solicit some information from everyone. I enjoy blues ,classic rock ,folk and a wide variety of music. Already have Les Pauls ,Strats ,Nighthawks and a SG but was wondering if that would be the best bang for the buck ? Is there another hollow /semi-hollow body around that price range (500 dollars) that would serve me better? It is about a two hour drive to a Sam Ash are GC. Thnx all
  3. You can purchase G-400s Pelham Blue I believe from Sam Ash for about 450 dollars delevered with maestro been thinking about buying one but never have played one
  4. In my opinion best 400 dollar out there . Like them so much I bought two.
  5. Try using a Golden Gate thumb pick best out there
  6. The Outlawswere a good band Green Grass and High Tides a classic Song in the Breeze etc Heard them at a free concert in Orlando Fl. with Atlanta Rythym Section they stole the show wish there were more bands like them. Miss them they were one of the best Florda bands to me .
  7. I must agree with all the above. Until just recently I have only owned one Epiphone a accoustic which is still being handed around in the family.I mostly played Fender strats then finally spent more money on some Gibsons in search for a better tone.Just this year I decided to search on and bought two guitars( Nighthawk and 50th anniversary LP V-3) both Epiphones,and four more since then of various models.I did have to send two back one for damage reasons and one for bridge misalignment. The visual part of all the guitars are a quality build. But maybe I have just been blessed.If I had too p
  8. I appreciate the replys, you get straight forward and truthful answers here helps alot thanx Should be getting the replacement Joe Bonamassa Epi some time next week and will get to play it. So far haven't heard any one speak bad about them. Better wait another year to buy any more though. Thought I was bad about buying guitars until I joined here realized I was just gettin started LOL THanks again for the information
  9. Appreciate the reply Blueman I have had a few delivered in the mail before just never seen one come in with a crack like that. I can certainly understand how it can happen though. Just the first one in my house I guess and was concerned about it . Everybody here has more association with Guitars than I do sowas just solicting input thanx
  10. I hope you do decide to refinsh it Willy. Got one I need to start on a samick, would enjoy keeping up on all of the mods learning some of the tradesmans tricks so to speak. So keep us posted Willy it has been very informative thanx
  11. Interesting thought I will have to keep up with all the modifcations. Everybody has some great input on the situations here really have enjoyed being a member here. Just keep us posted on everything valuable lessons to be learned thanks all
  12. I recently had a Joe Bonamassa Epiphone delivered with a cracked neck so I hadto send it back. Anybody had any issues like that with theirs? Also I have read reviews and they all seem positive but was just wondering if I should try somehting else?
  13. I just had one come in this week had to send it back because the bridge was off centered with the neck and the PUPS. Started to play it but thought I might get stupid and just keep it. Sounds like everyone is impressed with them . Hopefully they will send me one I can keep. How is the tone and note clarity on those things. Guess if the P-90's aren't any good always change PUPS
  14. I have a 2010 LP Studio deluxe that I am just not happy with tone quality. I was hoping someone here might have a deluxe that they have upgraded or have some suggestions on some PUPS that would give me a clearer sound. They all sound good in a book but would rather get some info from hands on experience. Appreciate any input Thanks
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