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  1. I saw the Seagull S-6 in here, Underrated? I don't believe that, I have always read very good reviews about it, So I tried, Liked and bought myself one. Epi"s underrated? yep I agree with that... Taylor?? well I have a DN-3 I think this one is underrated, I really like mine although my Gibson gets more play time. I think overrated could be any of the big names depending on what forum you ask, But for me the Boutique guitars are over priced thus to me overrated.
  2. I have a WM-45 ( not 4 sale ) BEATER (GASP) I don't think so I love mine, gave $600 for it 2 yrs ago,, In my area they go or about $1000 if you can find one that is, you would have better luck finding a yeti.........
  3. Thank you... That was also quite Beautiful, well done!!!!! Thanks for sharing
  4. Holly Crap I must have been in a cave...... I love this one..........
  5. I bought 1 used a while back, Didn't care for the plastic saddle, nut, pins so I ordered replacements in bone from Colosi, made a huge difference for me, I also had the string spacing tweaked at the nut since it is kinda narrow, I think for The $$ spent I have a nice rig and hope you enjoy yous as well
  6. rsqdvr


    Great I like mine but I gotta say them plastic parts gotta go, saddle for sure anyway
  7. rsqdvr


    Hey Thanks for the replys,,, Case is on the way,,,, This is a nice little guitar " emphisis on LITTLE" And I like it so far, it has a very nice sound w/JP slightly light strings on it, now to pack up the parts and send them to Colosi for Bone!!!
  8. rsqdvr


    Hi all I am new to this part of the forum, To my question, Tell me about the EL00? I ask as I just bought 1 online from GC used for under $200 I know the nut,saddle,pins are plastic so I will change to bone when it gets here. I am really kinda stoked about it if it sounds as good as it looks, plus I just wanted a smaller guitar since all my others are Dreads. and I cant quite afford an L00 or other small Gibson right now. I see the nut is smallish, is the neck wide enough to "tweak" the string spacing a little at/with a new nut? has anyone else done this on here? To you owners
  9. Ok I have a lump in my throat........ Great post thank you
  10. I thought I read somewhere that "garage band" was for MAC & wont work on windows OP"s
  11. I learned from my friends back in the early 60"s and I had a blast doing it,,,,,,, So thats my 1 answer vote,,,,,,,,,,FWIW all 3 would be best but IMHO friends is 1st on the list
  12. I must say YES......... the woman I am dateing has 7 and she is no where near done.............
  13. Yes,,, you are right, thanks I enjoyed that, I am a fan of his music, Violin being my current favorite
  14. Am on the road alot, Most of the time I listen to XM radio or my Ipod, On XM I really like the bridge & the coffee house or 31 & 32 f you prefer I get a nice variaty this way, My pod has approx 200 albums on it so my choices are huge,,,,
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